Spanish culture is just not about taco

By Frances Moran

On Tuesday November 17, 2015 the Spanish club was one of many other clubs and booths that were present for the CTE Pathway Fair. Jacob Garcia president of Spanish club, told me that the reason he is involved with this particular club is to let people know Spanish as a name.

They involve the culture of Spanish because majority of people know Mexico as tacos and other stereotypical things but this club isn’t about that they want to show people their more than just what they are known as.

They would like to involve the community, students to show them who they really are. Garcia says it is not only about Mexico, it is about the whole continent that speak Spanish. They also involve Brazil.

The Spanish club being Latin-American they involve others such as French, Italy, and the romans language. Spanish, Brazil, French, Italy, and Roman language are all a part of the Spanish club.

Garcia also said they have a member of the club who is from Asia and he does not only speak his language fluent but as well as English, Chinese, Mandarin, and Spanish. He is in love with the Spanish culture.

They have a lot of people from not only Mexico but also from Guatemala, Guadalajara, Ecuador, Colombia, Asia, those who are American, and they also have people in the club that are non-speaker in Spanish but they love the culture as well.

To join this club, anyone can. Garcia and the rest of the Spanish club want to prove that they are the only students of culture they would like to involve more students to help better understand who they are because they have an understanding of how many can confuse that for someone to be Latino they speak the Latin language but that’s not what it is all about.

If you are Hispanic, you are from Spain but you aren’t. Garcia gave an example of how he is Hispanic because he speaks Spanish not because he comes from Spain, he was born here in the US, grew up in Mexico and he feels the Spanish, and Latin American also.

The Spanish club is having a theater play this upcoming Saturday November 21, 2015 which will be held in the S2 Recital Hall, the play is called Papa Esta En La Atlántida De Javier Malpica. The play is about immigration. The play will be in Spanish but will also have subtitles. They will also be having free food. The main purpose for this is to show the people what a play is and to show them a Spanish play in which others can learn about immigration. Everyone is more than welcome to come and see the play whether they are a student or not. For ASU members tickets are $8, Students $10, General Admission $12.

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