‘The Night Before’ serves up holiday laughs

By Alejandro Montano

The  film, “The Night Before” is a great comedy starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Ethan), Seth Rogen (Isac), and Anthony Makkie (Chris).

This hilarious comedy is about these three best friends that’s spend every Christmas together. They began this tradition when Ethan’s parents pass away a couple of days before Christmas and he is depress during holiday season. His friends Isac and Chris try cheering him up and promise to spend every Christmas together.

Every Christmas they have these traditions they follow and go to certain places to do their activities. Their whole life they try to get to a Christmas party called the “Nutcracka Ball”. This party is the biggest one on Christmas day and on their last Christmas together they come up with tickets to go.

Throughout their adventures Christmas night they all start to realize that they are growing up and going different ways. Ethan tried to neglect that its happening because he sees Isac and Chris as family. Those two friends is all that he has and they on their other hand are already forming their own family or focused on their career.

 Ethan fights the whole night against obstacles in order for all them to attend the grand party. His effort seems useless as Chris tries to hang out with a popular athlete he has become friends with and Isac is all drugged out with a magic gift box his wife gave him as a Christmas present. Nether Chris or Isac see the effort Ethan is making for all of them to stay together.

 All three main actors tried doing their job correct but just one of them kind of exaggerated.  great job. Chris was a bit to exaggerating in a way. It felt like the paper didn’t fit the character. In many scenes he would over react, but then again it might of all been part of the paper. For example when all three of them try sneaking in Chris’ house, to play Nintendo 64 and they try not to wake up Chris mom. When they get caught by the mom, Chris starts to act to cheesy and tries to be a bit funny at the same time. That didn’t really work out for him.

 Ethan did a great job. He acted all of his rolls sincere and they actually went with him. He struggled throughout the movie in order to keep the friend tradition going for this last time.  You are able to tell he has a hard time because of the way he developed his character and plays it out. Also because of the sadness he goes through because of the death of his parents.

 Isac as funny as always. He was the funniest one in the film. With his hilarious moments and remarks. In the film he is of Jewish religion and his wife isn’t. In one part he is all drugged out in his wife’s church and starts to be confused and ends up throwing up in the church.

  The Night Before a great comedy film. Filled with many laughs and Christmas miracles. Glad that at the end Ethan found the love of his life and was no longer going to be left out since his other two friends already had started a family.

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