Women’s soccer envision an upcoming season

By Melanie De Santiago

The East Los Angeles Women’s Soccer ending their final season with a scoreless draw against Long Beach College with the total of 10- 7 and 4 draws. Qualifying to playoffs but from a point away they were not qualified for the championships.

From endurance to technique and having better discipline could have lead them to advancing and winning next year, despite there draw in the finals they will be more than ready due to their past experiences.

Although, not making it to the final championship, they gained a great experience that will make them more prepared for next season. “There is no “I” in the word of team, therefore no single individual should be treated differently, however that’s not really in the hands of the players but more in the hands of the coaches to enforces” said by front row player, number 6, Jemelly Medina.

According to ELAC’s head coach Tessa Troglia she said “As far as next season going, into next season we’re going to monitor the players pretty close  making sure that they’re taking the right classes we had 20 freshman’s and 3 sophomores. We are really young with a lot of potential our goal is to get these girls return”.

Making it mandatory head coach Troglia is having her spring class of soccer training for her players to take to become more prepared  and put a little work until summer when they fully begin. In soccer only the top eight teams qualify for the playoffs.

“As a matter of fact but unfortunately there’s a rule in the bylaws if a team wins their conference they get an automatic bid to the playoffs so San Diego Mysa unfortunately they only have 5 teams in their conference and they won their conference and they actually took our spot” said by head coach Troglia.

“They were ranked lower than us and finished lower than us that was a shock and surprise it’s unfortunate but that’s just the way the rules are dictated and it sucks”.  said, head coach Troglia. If winning their conference they would have move forward regardless the draw but since it’s a matter of point involved they need one to move upward, which they didn’t have.

The are different conferences, South Coast conference then there’s a foothill conferences there’s different conference in the south this is one of those cases when they were number 19 they won their conference that took ELAC’s place from making it to the playoffs.

It remains to be seen if ELAC will be able to recover from that blow, and rebound from this disconcerting loss. Although there final game ended as a draw there last victory was on November 10, 2015 and had ended with a victorious win of 8-0 against El Camino Community College.

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