Burgerlords of Chinatown provides upscale eats

By Tommy Lor

Keeping things simple can never be a bad thing and good things are usually found in small places. This place is truly a hole in the wall but this burger stand makes a really great upscale casual burger, but with the ambience of an old fashioned fast food joint.

Chinatown’s new and best kept burger opened in Los Angeles, among amidst a sea of Chinese restaurant, Burgerlords is one of the few trendy and hip places that have popped up in Chinatown in the recent year.

With being the only burger place in Chinatown, Burgerlords serves a simple selection of burgers made special using grass fed beef alongside vegan options offering vegan patties and vegan cheese. Burgerlords is an upscale burger place with a fast food touch.

There is no sign on the sidewalk, as this restaurant is tucked into the center Chinatown’s East Gate Square in old Chinatown. Burgerlords is located on North Broadway Street directly across from the Bruce Lee statue which is just a walk away from Chinatown’s Metro Gold Line stop. Burgerlords’ location is tiny offering no inside seating, but only an outdoor patio with four communal tables.

There old school burger joint menu option keeps the options simples with options ranging from a plain hamburger, cheeseburger, double cheese, vegan burger, to a vegan cheeseburger; those start from $5 – $6.50 respectively.

Burgerlord’s mouthwatering burgers are made with grass fed beef, lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese and their spread. Simple with no gimmicks, their crispy fries are from Kennenbec potatoes. For the slight premium here, you get grass fed beef, heartier beef flavor, and sharper patty seasoning with perfectly crunchy fries. Making it a great place for lunch considering how rare it is to have such a hearty and fulfilling lunch for $10 in Los Angeles

Those burgers include the option to make it a combo by adding $3.00, which includes fries and a drink. Their drink options range from regular and Mexican sodas to mineral water. Their fries are thin-cut & crunchy. They’re served in brown boxes & have a flag with their logo on the burgers.

The service is exceptional with not a long wait time as this place has just been only opened a few months and the lines aren’t too long. Staff is friendly and is knowledgeable of their products.

There is ample metered parking around the neighborhood and a $5 all day parking lot right next to the restaurant, where you can park, enjoy your burger and spend the day in Chinatown.

The restaurant is open Sunday – Thursday 11:00am to 9:00pm with Friday and Saturday being open an hour later till 10:00pm. If you come during Saturday during lunch time, there are usually events or shows that happen in that square of Chinatown that you get to enjoy as well.

Making a trip to Burgerlords’ to get your burger fix is well worth the return, as even the vegan options can satiate your burger cravings along with having that full rich satisfaction you get from eating meat. You can even enjoy a trip around Chinatown after stuffing your face.

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