Professors perform piano duet

By Joshua Inglada

Music teachers Dr. Marina Grozdanovic and Dr. Lucy Nargizyan wowed audience members with a beautiful display of piano music in a dual performance.

The East Los Angeles College Music Department held a piano recital on Dec. 3 in the S2 Recital Hall. A duet was performed by Grozdanovic and Nargizyan.

Nargizyan, an Assistant Professor of Music, and Grozdanovic, a faculty member of ELAC who instructs students in piano, are close friends. Grozdanovic is also the founder and proprietor of Virtuoso Piano Studio.

The two pianists performed several pieces of classical music for the audience. Fantasy in F Minor for Piano Four-hands by Franz Schubert led the audience into a song composed of four differing movements.

The music started off with a mournful, but entrancing tone, then transitioned to intense, playful and complex as fast as it began.

“Souvenirs, Ballet Suite, Op. 28” by Samuel Barber stood out because it was several pieces of dance music instead of a single song. The pieces consisted of “Waltz,” “Schottische,” “Pas de deux,” “Two-Step,” “Hesitation-Tango” and “Galop.”

The audience was entertained by different dance pieces, each one with its own mood. The music would start off with a whimsical and cheerful atmosphere before suddenly speeding up in tempo, then to switch to a low somber tone fit for slow dancing.

Grozdanovic and Nargizyan then performed “Russian Dance” from “Petrushka” by Igor Stravinsky, music written for a ballet’s first act.

Both pianists held the audience’s attention through music that was fast-paced, but still delicate. Despite only playing the piano, Grozdanovic and Nargizyan captured the feeling of being present at a ballet.

The recital ended in thunderous applause for which  Grozdanovic and Nargizyan bowed and received flowers. Even after they left the stage, the audience continued to whoop and clap, prompting them to come back onstage for another bow of thanks.

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