‘Deadpool’ redefines superhero genere

By Gustavo Buenrostro

“Deadpool” is a breath of fresh air in a genre that is possibly growing stale. It plays many of the tropes in other superhero films and makes fun of them.

Deadpool is a loudmouth mercenary who develops cancer and the only cure comes from joining a special weapons program that gives him superpowers. 

Much of the humor stemmed from the many references Deadpool made about other movie properties, as well as some coming from the sarcasm he always had towards other characters.

One notable ability Deadpool has is breaking the fourth wall, the ability where a character can address the audience directly or indirectly. He does mostly when he is making a joke or referring to something other characters might not know.

This is what makes “Deadpool” a great superhero film, its faithfulness to the character in the comics.

In the comics, the character is very sarcastic, bad mouths everyone and, of course, has the unique ability to break the fourth wall to talk and joke with the audience and in the film he is exactly the same.

For example, one of the supporting characters gives Deadpool the hero’s speech about doing the right thing when it matters and Deadpool does the complete opposite and ignores what he just said.

Ryan Reynolds’ role as Deadpool really knocked it out of the park as he was able to pull off the sarcastic humor that the character is so well-known for. Morena Baccarin plays Deadpool’s love interest and she does very well against the fast witted “Merc with a Mouth” with her own wit.

The film is rated R and uses it to its advantage so well with over-the-top violence and some very graphic scenes, which fit the character even more.

While this film is great, the plot does not come until halfway into the film, which would be fine if the story wasn’t so generic.

While some audience members might like this, expectations were that the story would be more complex.

In its core “Deadpool” is a love story that is very predictable, which is a shame because the chemistry between Deadpool and his love interest is really good.

Another problem with the film is its budget. You can tell that the film had a small budget as there were only a few locations seen in the film.

But the film is so entertaining that this is not a distraction. The CGI was good, considering the film’s budget.

Overall, “Deadpool” is a fun time in the theaters and is definitely worth a watch.

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