Kinesiology club holds dodgeball tournament

By Fernando Cervantes

On Thursday the North Gym was filled with students running back-and-forth, yelling, and sliding to dodge in the dodgeball tournament held by the kinesiology club. The sound of thudding followed each throw, either caused by a direct hit or the from the narrow miss followed by the shaking walls.

None of the participants were holding back, and not even the spectators were safe.

Referees were also supervising each game to make sure no one cheated. Although no one got hurt, there were times when some students argued over who was out, showing their investment in the games.

“It was exhilarating to blow off some steam and I plan to come back again if I have some time,” Raymond Hidalgo said about his first time attending an event.

The teams would face off against each other for 10 minutes and could have as many matches during that time. Some of the matches needed the time to finish while others would be able to squeeze in three or more matches.

The dodgeball tournament was organized by the kinesiology club and marked the third time they organized one, the event is held on spring and fall semesters.

“We’re the kinesiology club. It’s about having activities and keeping the body moving,” said Ryan Astengo, the President of the club, when asked about why they were having the event.

The dodgeball tournament was the idea of Pablo Delgado, the vice president, who wanted to bring back the activity from when he was younger.

“I thought of bringing back memories, ‘cause ever since high school, no one played it and I thought it would be cool in college,” Delgado said..

There are no actual requirements to take part in the club’s events. Students who want to join can come as teams although it is not mandatory.

Students who show up without a team will be assigned to one still missing members to make a full team. Knowing how to play the sport well is not required, either. The main idea is to attend and enjoy the event, while getting in some physical activity.

The tournament ended up having around six teams of seven people with some students dropping in and out.

Rules were set, such as no aiming for the face or below the belt to make sure that it was safe and fun for everyone involved. If a student broke the rule they would be given a warning and told to sit out if they broke it again.

The kinesiology club was happy about how the tournament went. The only thing they wanted to improve was female attendance.

“More girls in the club or participating would be nice. They might be intimidated of(sic) the guys who are trying to be super competitive,” Sunshine Rascon said.

The kinesiology club plans to hold more events in the future, although another dodgeball tournament is not planned until the fall semester.

The next upcoming event will be a three-on-three basketball tournament on March 7.

Students interested in other events can go to the kinesiology club for information, which is held on Thursdays at 12:15 p.m. in Room 121 of the C1 building.

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