Past is reflected at Photo Installation

By Johanna Calderon

Star Montana visits her past with the photography installation “Tear Drops and Three Dots” now on display in the Vincent Price Art Museum.

Montana takes her work back to a time where IPhones didn’t exist, using traditional methods photography and incorporating her personal family photos. This is era almost forgotten, but she brought it back to life through her exhibits.

Montana’s work is incredible in so many ways In her display of photos, it brings the feelings of remembrance to a time where people used disposable cameras because camera phones or smartphones didn’t exist.

Many of these pictures that Montana saved were to have people remember that time period. Star was able to capture her moments of life from childhood to adulthood. It was wonderful that she saved those pictures that tell a story about her life, because sometimes those things get lost or destroyed. Peoples may have this kind of photos sometimes they forget about them and don’t go back remember the beautiful moments.

Through four pictures, Montana  tells about difficult it to see someone that they love suffer through illness. In those pictures, people  can see what the Montana feels when her mom was getting even more sick and her helplessness to stop it. The first picture of the series, shows Star visiting her mother at the hospital and how much Montana wanted her mother, to be okay. The second picture, is of Star  crying over her mother’s health getting worse, while she can’t do nothing about it. Following the second, the third photo shows family members carrying Montana’s mother’s casket. The fourth and final picture of the set, is of her mother’s bed where the emotions of  saying goodbye to the person who gave her life becomes even more real.

Other photos in the exhibit  are ones Montana took typical daily things, she includes a lot of moments that some people don’t get to have or ever want to experience.

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