Seattle producer drops new tape

By Dorany Pineda

Jake  One’s new instrumental album entitled “#PrayerHandsEmoji” is full of eclectic sounds that merge samples of heavy bass, funky piano, horns and rich vocal orchestras.

The album is mix of songs that inspire a drive through the streets of Los Angeles with the beats turned up and the windows rolled down.

One of the most explosive tracks in “#PrayerHandsEmoji” titled “Lou” has a cosmic element to it.

The beat’s gradual increase in volume propels the gospel tracks through the deep bass and drum instrumentals and stops abruptly. The track only continues on, after some bass riffs, with full force into a rhythmic chant. It is intense, frenzied and feels like a march of soldiers.

“Hunter” is also a great stand-out track for its amplified bass and synthesizer work.

It opens with several seconds of harmonious gospel samples and is soon taken over by a sultry, amplified bass that carries the song to a fading finale. Though one of the smoother and more repetitive songs, the synthesizer that accompanies the heavy bass makes “Hunter” an airy and pleasurable experience.

The 24-track whole of “PrayerHandsEmoji” is sometimes strange, sometimes unexpected, but always interesting and groovy.

It reels the listener into an entrancing, funky experience, inviting them to rap over the beats as the music sways their skull into a continual head bob.

Jake One is a Seattle-based hip hop record producer who has provided instrumentals for famous rappers like Jay Z, Drake, Wales and Rick Ross.

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