Theater springs into comedy

By Johanna Calderon

“Run for your Wife” presented by the East Los Angeles College Theater Art Department will open  March 18.

“Run for your Wife” is the story of a selfish man and touches on the themes of betrayal and lies.  The comedy is written by Ray Cooney, and co-directed by Tom Atha and Laura Rhi.

The story revolves around a taxi driver named John Smith who is secretly married to two women.

The wives have two completely different personalities with Mary Smith, played by Charter High School of the Arts Multimedia and Performing student, Genna Weinstein, who is the more reserved type and Barbara Smith, played by Alexis Tapia, who is the  sexy and goofy, crazy wife.

Smith, played by Cesar Carbajal, lives a double life until a chain of events reveals his secret and the two wives end up finding out about each other.

“It’s just a crazy thing of lies and just confusion throughout the whole play,” Tapia said.

The cast and crew’s dedication to staying in character during the more comedic scenes is challenging at times,Weinstein said.

Tapia said she had to bite her cheek before bursting out laughing because one scene was so funny.

The play is well-developed and they have been working hard to get the play ready for the last five weeks.

“The actors are much more dedicated,” Weinstein said. “We have five weeks and I’ve never been in a production that had less than a month to rehearse.

The rehearsals were a great experience for Weinstein to get to work alongside other students in the theater department.

“As a high school student, it was fun being around people who really cared and worked really hard,” Weinstein said.

The show opens on March 18 and will run through to March 26 in the P2-205 Upstairs Theater. Tickets are $10 general, $12 at the door and $8 for ASU members.

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