Elans to tour California universities

By Stephanie Garibay

The Northern California University Tour, hosted by the accounting club, will take East Los Angeles College students on a trip to University of California, Berkeley; Stanford University; San Jose State University and University of California, Santa Barbara to learn about applying for transfer.

The trip will take place during spring break on April 4-6. It includes a guided tour and presentation at each school.

“This is a really good way for students to get information on transferring. It’s really cool because on the tour students really get to learn a little bit about the history of each building,” inner adviser club member, Arthur Tu said.

Students interested in going do not have to be accounting majors or club members.

“We started planning this in the winter. The vice president of the club and I would get together after class and start making phone calls to different schools to see who could accommodate us,” President of the accounting club, Henry Jimenez said.

Although the tour is sponsored by the Associated Student Union, the club still had a lot of fundraising to do for the trip.

“When you charter a club, ASU gives every club a match funding which is $5,000 for each year in total, but the accounting club members used more than half of it last year on a banquet. We also went to visit the Ronald Reagan library and only left us with about $1,000 so because of that we had to do a lot of food sells to raise more money,” Jimenez said.

At first, the club was having trouble getting students to sign up. Only a handful of students are interested in going.

This made it difficult for the club because if they didn’t get 57 students to join, the trip would have been cancelled.

“We put up flyers all around campus  and made sure everyone knew all majors are welcome and really tried to tell everyone about it, but even then people were not signing up,” Jimenez said.

Jimenez decided to contact all the clubs on campus so they could help spread the word.

“We contacted every club and I didn’t know this but we contacted the Asian American club and it just so happened the adviser of the club is Song Su, the (employee) in charge of emailing every single student at ELAC. He sent me a message that said he would sent out an email to everyone,” Jimenez said.

The following morning, Jimenez saw the email that had been sent to everyone.

That same day he received multiple messages and phone calls from students wanting to sign up for the tour.

“In the email he had sent out, he put my contact info and I remember my phone would not stop ringing that day. I was getting messages and phone calls non-stop. And that same day we actually sold out,” Jimenez said.

The tour sold out last Thursday.  The club now has a waiting list, which currently includes 16 people.

Those on the waiting list will only get a chance to go if someone backs out.

The tour, which is a $400 value, will cost students $65 if they are active accounting club members. This means they participate in food sales, presentations and other activities. It is $85 if students are non-active club members, $105 for non-club members and an extra $10 if the student is not an ASU member.

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