Milestone editors search for best literary content

By Diego Linares

Students are currently looking through over 250 entries to find pieces to include in the upcoming issue of literary magazine Milestone, to be published this spring semester.

English 32 is a class comprises of 12 students who are working to publish the East Los Angeles College magazine that has been in circulation since 1950.

Elans are editing pieces, which have been submitted by fellow Huskies and other local artists since February, along with pieces that have been left over from previous issues.

The entries range from literary works of fiction, nonfiction, drama and poetry to photography and illustrations.

English 32 student Alena Morales has been part of the magazine for three years. Morales is also an artist who had to go through the editing process when she submitted her literary piece, “Lost Gem,” and now helps others get their work published.

“It doesn’t matter your background of writing. We push everyone equally,” Morales said. “For instance, ESL writers to English 101 classes, we’re all basically the same, up-and-coming. If you have a story to tell, tell it. Don’t be afraid.”

Morales went on to say that it is not necessary for a student to be enrolled in an English 101 class or higher, to be published.

Joshua Castro is another student who, along with classmates, is working with artists on releasing and promoting the magazine.

Both Morales and Castro have submitted and read their work to an audience at open mic nights on campus, but Castro came away noticing something about the popularity of the magazine.

“After all that, I kind of found out that the (exposure) for the magazine was kind of low on campus,” Castro said. “So, ever since then, I’ve just been kind of committed to helping promote it (and) sustain it, so it wouldn’t disappear.”

The group has been working on promoting the magazine, trading a slice of pizza for a poem at an open mic session in the free speech area last Wednesday.

Morales intends to form a club called the Milestone Dreamers, with the goal to help support the contributing writers.

“I’m looking forward to the next generations of writers,” Morales said.

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