New facilities open at Student Center

NOW OPENED—Students use the cafeteria in the recently opened Campus Students Center to study and relax between classes on Tuesday. CN/IVAN CAZARES
NOW OPENED—Students use the cafeteria in the recently opened Campus Students Center to study and relax between classes on Tuesday. CN/IVAN CAZARES

By Stephanie Guevara

The new Campus Student Center provides students with easier access to facilities, space to study and to eat.

The Student Center opened for students on Monday.  Final construction work was finished during spring break.

The Health Center and the Associated Students Union moved to the Student Center. On the second floor, ASU has its own conference room. These two facilities were formerly located in the G8 building.

The Student Center also has a cafeteria, student lounges and a multi- purpose room.

The cafeteria is expected to have a food vendor by the next fall semester.

East Los Angeles College president, Marvin Martinez, says that the Los Angeles Community College District is searching for a food vendor that can serve good quality food for all nine colleges in the district.

“Once the board goes with a food vendor, which I hope happens in the summer, then we will have a food vendor by the time the fall semester starts,” Martinez said.

According to Martinez, LACCD wants to bring in more than one  food vendor so students can have a variety of choices.

The Student Center cafeteria will both serve food from a vendor and cafeteria food.

Elans are satisfied with the resources that the Student Center provides.

Brianna Perez, an Administration of  Justice major, says that Student Center benefits students by providing an easier access to resources. “It’s pretty great that we have this building because it has a lot more resources,” Perez said.

Ulysses Navarro, a psychology major, says the Student Center is a great place to study and relax. “There is more space here than in the library and students can study better or relax,” Navarro said.

In all three floors of the building, there are student lounges where students can study or wait for the next class to start.

The lounge in the second floor has computers for students to use.

The Student Center also has a new college store. Students can purchase items they would normally buy at the Husky Store.

Although the Campus Student Center has already opened for students, it is having its inauguration on May 5.

According to Martinez, the quad, the E3 building and the Campus Students Center will have a red ribbon-cutting ceremony and a Mariachi band in the evening.

Construction for the Science Career and Mathematics building is scheduled to finish in late August.

Martinez says that classes will be scheduled for Winter of 2017 in the new math and  science building.

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