Political science majors educate Elans on 2016 presidential elections

By Stephanie Guevara

East Los Angeles College students majoring in political science informed their fellow students about the presidential candidates and on issues regarding the elections at the ELAC South Gate Educational Center on Thursday.

The main purpose of the discussion was to educate students about certain topics that they were unaware of and to get students to vote, according to Emely Anaya, one of the presenters.

“Not a lot of young people vote and they should, because it affects our future. It was also to get students involved in politics, in all level(s) (of government),” Anaya said.

Anaya believes ELAC students should get involved in the student government so there could be equity between the ELAC South Gate campus and the main campus.

Anaya delivered a presentation on health care and  each presidential candidate’s’ stance in healthcare.

Students were also  informed on foreign policy, social services, education and many other topics.

Education was one of the main topics in the discussion. Students were encouraged to continue to stay informed on what candidates have to offer for education because it will affect them.

The discussion helped students understand politics, according to Precilla Gutierrez, a tutor from the writing center.

“I feel like a have a better understanding on other topics besides immigrations,” Gutierrez said.

Rony Moraga spoke about the importance of understanding foreign policy as well as current events, which involved the Panama Papers. The Panama Papers are a leakage of confidential documents  that reveals information about offshore companies listed by Panamanian confidential firm.

Moraga said the discussion was led to tell students that this election matters and that every topic discussed is based on topics important in everyone’s lives.

“The elections are very interesting but we know very little about (what goes on). This was an opportunity to voice out that this election is very important to us,” Moraga said.

Student presenters felt, voicing their opinions in politics is important because that can encourage students to become passionate and interested in politics.

The students presented on the presidential candidates and gave information on their campaigns, but their main focus was on Bernie Sanders,the prefered candidate of all the presenters.

Moraga said they wanted to inform students, but they also wanted to give their point -of -view for certain topics.

All candidates for both parties were mentioned in the discussion, except Republican candidate, John Kasich.  Moraga said that they wanted to only speak about candidates they thought would most likely take the nomination.

The student presenters don’t form part of a club, but they are aiming to start a club.

Each election cycle, they get together to organize  an election discussion so students can get involved with the elections.

“This was essentially made just for when there was an election, but we’ll see where we go with this club in the making,” Moraga said.   

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