Talent show auditions entice talented Elans

By Stephanie Guevara

With the fifth annual talent show approaching next month, students demonstrated their different talents in the auditions held by the Vision Club on Friday.

The first contestants to audition performed “Ho Hey,” by the Lumineers in a guitar duo. Hector and Juan Serrano, who are cousins, will perform for the first time together in the talent show.

This will be Hector’s third time and Juan’s first time participating in the talent show.

The Serrano cousins are expected to perform a medley of  “Ho Hey” along with different songs.

Joseph Yu sang “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” by Green Day. Yu says he will possibly incorporate back-up singers in his performance at the talent show.

Eros Saldana recited a self-written poem titled “10 Years.” This is Saldana’s second time participating in the talent show.

The poem, like all his poems, was based on a past love experience. “I base all my poems on love and past experiences,” Saldana said.   

Salanda writes his own poems and recites them at The Daily Brew Coffee Bar in Montebello. He started writing poems when he was six years old.

“At first I would put words together, without rhyming them, until later on I did intend to make them rhyme,” Saldana said.

Saldana, who works at the Child Development Center, is also writing his first book and hopes to publish it.

The club has had success in previous years and hopes this year won’t be the exception.

Each year, the amount of participants has grown. Psychology professor and adviser of the Vision Club, Randy Ludwig said that in previous years the talent shows has had an audience of 500-600 attendees.

Students can also come to the auditions to sign up as volunteers for the talent show.

The last auditions for the talent show will be held today, tomorrow and Friday. The auditions are at F7-210 from noon to 1:30 p.m. The talent show will be on May 13.

Students participating must be East Los Angeles College students.

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