Vacations are over, back to school

By Diego Olivares

Vacation in the middle of the semester tends to sometimes hinder a student’s ability to focus on contributing to school work, and striving for better grades.

Students returning from vacation must ask him or herself the following, “How do I adjust again to campus life? How can I go from having fun to working hard again?”

Readjusting back to school is tough due to the hard work that comes with it.

College students tend to have a lot on their plate.

Some students take 12 to 15 units a semester which eats up their free time. It doesn’t help that some students also have employment while attending school.

With this amount of obligations in a student’s life, stress could easily come knocking.

It’s a no-brainer that students seek to briefly break away from schoolwork.

All that pressure would cause a student to want to relax.

When vacationing periods like spring break and four-day weekends come around.

This becomes music to a stressed student’s ears.

They get a feeling of temporary freedom and take full advantage of it.

College students tend to use this time to party, do fun activities with friends or simply spend time with family.

Taking some time off school allows students to cool off from any stress that class assignments can bring.

Everybody needs some time to breathe from school.

As a student at East Los Angeles College, I usually look forward to vacationing periods like spring break or holidays.

Class work can be overwhelming for me along with my job.

I usually work five days a week and only given two days off.

I spend those days off attending classes and doing school work.

Even on the days I work I still do school related activities like homework and studying.

This results in me feeling suffocated and not having any time to relax .

There are times where I wish I could have one day off a week.

One day would be enough for me to relax and briefly get away from my school and work obligations.

In my case, I can’t request for days off work due to financial needs.

This is why I await for school breaks since it won’t negatively affect me.

The reality is that while school can be a stressful hell, we all need to continue it.

This is something that we have to do whether we like it or not.

One way is for students to go over class notes and material before vacation ends.

This allows them to refamiliarize with what to expect in their classes.

Vacationing can cause a student to forget much of their studies.T

This happens to me whenever I return to school.

Other times a student could be assigned work to do during the vacationing period. Many may consider this a killjoy.

If students want to enjoy their vacation without this extra work, all they need to do is one simple thing.

They should finish their homework as soon as vacation begins.

Once they get their assignments done early, they could have the rest of their vacation to themselves.

Another way to readjust is to contact fellow classmates.

Some classmates like to keep themselves busy with their studies during vacation.

Contacting them can help a student prepare to return to class.

Students should also get in touch with their teachers to get caught up.

Teachers could give students feedback of what to expect when they return to class.

This includes informing students of what material to study for and what homework is due.

We all want to take a break at some point.

However it’s our responsibility to get back to studying and classwork once vacation ends.

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