‘The Huntsman’ disappoints

By Stephanie Guevara

“The Huntsman: Winter War” is what was supposed to be a sequel to “Snow White and the Huntsman,” but instead portrayed a different story.

The film left the audience with the same question, what happened to Snow White?

Though Snow White was the main character in the first film, she wasn’t in this film, except for occasional mentions of her in a few parts.

One would assume that Snow White would appear in at least a few seconds of the film, since “Winter War” is about her kingdom in danger of being invaded, but the story never acknowledges her fully.

The film directed by Cedric Nicolas-Troyan is based on former Huntsman Eric, played Chris Hemsworth, and his team of dwarfs who are on a quest to recuperate Queen Ravenna, played by Charlize Theron, evil mirror before her sister Freya, the Ice Queen, played by Emily Blunt, finds it. The mirror had been stolen from Snow White’s castle.

After the father of her baby murders the baby, Freya embarks on a brutally cruel reign of terror that includes a sadistic law that states no one can love.

Through her horrific experience, Freya unleashes her unknown ice powers and decides to leave her sister Ravenna’s kingdom. Freya then seeks a kingdom of her own.

As a young boy, Eric is abducted from his family, along with other children by Freya to raise an army she calls the Huntsmen, to conquer the kingdoms around her.

When Eric grows up, Freya intends to kill him and Sara, another Huntsman, for falling in love, but Eric escapes from death. Sara however is lock up and tortured by Freya.  Sara is played by Jessica Chastain.

However in the previous film, Eric isn’t interested in falling in love.

Since Eric isn’t interested in love, this creates a problems for the character.

This sequel begins before Snow White’s reign and before she meets Eric, but it doesn’t match with the previous film’s storyline.

In “Snow White and the Huntsman,” Snow White and Eric are romantically involved, but in this film, it seems as if that never happened.

The narrator, voiced by Liam Neeson, tells viewers that seven years have passed since Eric’s expulsion from Freya’s kingdom.Therefore viewers assume that’s when Snow White and Eric meet.

Although the film had the same characters, it had too many logic issues to the point where it just failed to deliver as a sequel to the first film.

The scenes of subtle sexuality featuring a sometimes shirtless Hemsworth was not enough to save this film.

“The Huntsman: Winter War” is rated PG-13 and is now in theaters.

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  1. So The Huntsman: Winter’s War is both a prequel and a sequel, right? It has events that take place both before and after the previous Snow White and the Huntsman movie, right?

    1. Yes it’s both a prequel and a sequel. There are events that happen before and after Snow White and the Huntsman.

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