Dawson revisits old jazz for First Friday Jazz

By Johanna Calderon

Robert “Bob” Dawson revisits old jazz with the Jazz Band at the First Friday Jazz Series on May 6 in the S2 recital hall.  

Dawson wanted to bring some of the old jazz back in the concert and had some of the audience members dancing in their seats.

“(I was trying to) get a classic jazz song with a really good icon arrangement. I featured people from the band and wrote a song for the (Jazz Band),” Dawson said.

Dawson writes songs and includes all of the band’s instruments so everyone can have a part in it. He doesn’t want to exclude people because he wants them to be a part of the whole performance.

“Secret Love” has a fast beat and some people started dancing with their hands raised.  

One of the audience members couldn’t stop dancing with their hands moving up and down while they were sitting in their seat.

Robert Chapa enjoyed the performance so much he wants to change his major to music.

It was announced that two guitar players will be selected to be enrolled in the Commercial Music Program.

Students are selected every year and will be provided with private lessons.

Freshman can’t qualify for the program because the students need to take the required courses to be eligible to audition.

The auditions will be in the winter, spring and fall for students who applied.

The students have to practice about five hours in school.

Jazz Band member Giovanni Verduzco was selected for the program two years ago. He was one of twenty student who get selected.

“I got in two years ago. I was really excited! I meet the tutor one (time a) week for forty-five minutes,” Verduzco said.

Verduzco has to give up spending time with his family and friends, but it is worth it in the end and he is dedicated to his passion for music.

He need to have good statutes and have not drop classes continues the program because it affect him.

He really happy with the opportunity he have Seeing him perform with the jazz band, tell how much he enjoy it.

Verduzco needs two more years to finish the program.

The announcement of this program did not overshadow the concert in any way.

Robert Chapa enjoyed the performance so much he wants to change his major to music.

The performance of Lullaby of Birdland makes people want to get up and started dancing with someone. It was romantic in a way how the music was playing. The feeling was peaceful that it made people feel like they were in the 50’s. Going to the jazz club and having a good time with friend. Even remember that people gone on date in old time.

Even though it was a small audience people still had a good time.

The club Muse was there to support the musical performances and held a fundraiser afterward.

“Eastside Jazz” CDs were for sale for $5. In December the band will be selling a Christmas CD because a lot people asked for one.

It was good music and made me feel like I had gone back and time. Feeling to get out of the chair and get someone out to dance.

Dawson says the Jazz Band is planning to have more performance.



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