Campus to prepare for simulated active shooter drill this Friday

By Gustavo Buenrostro

East Los Angeles College will be hosting an active shooter drill May 13 from 7 a.m. to noon around the C2 bungalow area.

The Sheriff’s Department will be in charge of the event, along with the Monterey Park Fire Department, California Highway Patrol and Emergency Medical Services.

The drill will consist of two simulated active shooter situations in which two teams will neutralize each situation.

The drill will be staged on campus with volunteers playing the role of the “victims.” A helicopter will fly over the staged event and gunfire with blank bullets will be shot during the enactment.

The school is simulating these situations so cadets-in-training can practice in case a similar situation occurs at the campus. If anything happens at ELAC, these people are more than likely to be the first responders to the situation.

Students should be aware of this drill and not be alarmed when they hear gunshots fired or when they see a helicopter flying over classrooms.

Students should go about their day as usual and should not leave the classroom when the exercise begins.

They may also want to reschedule any group meetings that day as the enactment will be very loud and disruptive. There will be an area for spectators to watch.

Anyone in the Monterey Park community who would like to witness this drill is welcome.

“My goal as the public information officer is to inform the students and faculty about these kind of events. I want them to know so that they will not be alarmed by the loud noises or the helicopter over a classroom.” public information officer Alejandro Guzman said.

An active shooter is a person who possesses a firearm arm and brings it to a public place, like a school or a hospital.

Not only is this drill intended to help the cadets who are training, but to also lower gun violence with prepared officers ready to handle a situation like this.

This will not be the first time this kind of practice for law enforcement has been held at ELAC.

A few years ago, another active shooter drill was held on campus to help cadets get familiar with situations like those.

However, this event is not held at ELAC every year.

These drills take place all over the Los Angeles area and have been going on for over thirteen years.

For more information about the Active Shooter Drill, contact Alejandro Guzman at (323) 265-8944 or or call the campus Sheriff’s Department at (323) 265-8800.

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