Game Club shares ‘Captain America’ film expectations

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By Gianfranco Abrego

As everyone prepares to watch “Captain America: Civil War” the Game Club at ELAC has there own points of views and expectations.

The ELAC Game Club meet up twice a week Monday from 12:10-1:20 at E3-331 and Wednesday E3 308 the same time. There are many students that are in the club that are deeply passionate about gaming.

What the club does is play games, such as board games and video games. They also discuss games hang out and talk about superheroes and comic books.

The game club plays games from super Mario kart to super smash bros.

A topic that they discuss while playing games was the new superhero movie Captain America civil war.

There are many fans in the club that have their own expectations and own ideas and beliefs on who to follow. The movie is currently in theaters.

James Cano an enthusiastic gamer and comic book fan is ready to see the movie.

He says “everyone should read the comic first to get a better understanding of where the story comes and what’s going to happen.”

He loves that the movie will have Spiderman since that is his favorite Marvel Super Hero.

He cannot pick sides between Iron man and Captain America because they are both right in there own sense.

Paul Rosas another fan of comic books wants to watch the movie.

He says “ I rather just watch it in Blu-ray to see the extended scenes.”  

He is for team Captain America because he is fighting for the right cause and truly wants super heroes to be heroes.

Another comic book enthusiast Julio Rangel has a different point of view.

He is for Team Iron Man because everyone should be equal and should not have advantage even if they have super powers.

The commercials have hyped up the movie to the max. They are making fans decide on what team to pick from Captain America or Iron Man team.

The movie is a must watch for the summer.

There are many super heroes that are coming out and many new one that have been added to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Two of the most talked about characters to enter the movie are Spiderman and Black Panther.

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