Gender roles affects athlete fundraising

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By Jessica Sanchez

The way women and men go about fundraising in school sport teams are drastically different.

The school doesn’t have enough money for all the sports program because there’s so many equipment’s and ordering they would have to do. It would be too much for the school to be responsible for.

The coaches would have to be the ones responsible for taking care of the money and ordering the right equipment for their teams. Whenever the coaches would have money from the fundraising they would have to deposit the money to the physical office.

The coaches would have to get the right sizes for their players and it takes most of their time because they have a lot of players to worry about and they can’t mess up on their sizes because it takes a lot more time.

The women’s sports, for example the softball team and soccer team had to sell shirts and comedy tickets in order to get their gear.

And they would just sell shirts throughout preseason.

The women’s basketball team would have car washes and TV tapings. They would even go to the coliseum to work in two stands.

They got the chance to actually see the USC games. And getting to see how intense it was playing against their rival school UCLA.

The men’s sports wouldn’t really have to do a whole lot with the fundraising.

For example, the boys’ soccer and baseball team also had to sell shirts and discount cards.

The boys’ basketball and football team would have to sponsor someone to donate money.

Both the women and men had due dates on when to have the full amount of the money because the coaches needed it in order to prepare for their season getting ready to organize the gear they wanted.

All the players were responsible for taking care of business with their fundraising because in order to complete the full amount they wouldn’t have to worry about paying from their own pocket.

Also if they didn’t have their full amount they wouldn’t be able to play on the team because the coaches would need to depend on their players to get the full money on time.

The coaches wouldn’t want their players being irresponsible.

The men did have the advantage of the fundraising because they didn’t really have much to do for their fundraising and all they needed to worry about was someone sponsoring them. They didn’t have to earn for their money.

While the women were busting their butts off fundraising getting as much money as they can to not only to help themselves, but to help their program to have more money, so that they couldn’t run out.

And when the women have to travel for games they wouldn’t have to eat junk food all the time. They could eat at a fancy restaurant together with their whole team and bonding together because that is important to have as well.

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