International students face obstacles

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By Xifan Cai

International students face some obstacles living in a new country and academic environment.

“Language issue is one of the biggest problems for international students. Because of the language limitations, it is hard for them to fully understand what the professor say or what announcement that the school makes”, international adviser Wong said.

Professors may not know the needs of international students if the students do not speak out themselves. “Because of the language barrier, they are afraid of asking questions in class when they do not understand, things will get worse and worse, in the end they may feel more confused,” Wong said.

“Try to go to the professor’s office hour during the term because it is a good way to interact with the professor. Let the professor know what the problem is, so they can effectively give assistance,” Wong advises.  

College life in the United States is more independent. A huge part of the college experience is after class. “I feel like college life in America is not restricted to the classroom, and it is different from my own country China. We do not usually talk with classmate here, so it is tough to make new a friend except Chinese classmate,” Lin said.

“In most Asian culture, they are not as forward to make new friend, and they may think, “Why aren’t they approaching me.” I recommend that international students just go ahead and make the first move to talk with natives, even with bad English. It is a process for learning English and culture.” Wong said.

“I never knew I should use email frequently when I study in America. I have to check my email every single day, and I should register class and finish everything on the website. For me, I have to be completely independent because every new students are struggling with that,” Lin said.

“America culture is like melting pot, mixing people from cultures all around the world. Students may need getting used to it and learn different cultures through living and studying,” Wong said.

“It takes a while to adapt to a new culture, but I feel like I pretty much grow up via studying abroad, ” Lin said.


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