Using steroids can ruin an athlete’s career

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By Josh Flores

Steroids can either shape an athlete’s career or can completely annihilate it if not careful.

Of course, numerous amounts of athletes have done steroids and not been caught and the progress they made while taking steroids has helped them build a career.

For example, body builders in strength competitions have been reported to be major steroid users.

Although they will tell you of how much help they can be, they wont tell you about all the harmful side effects that come along with them.  

The National Institute of Mental Health reports that anabolic steroids have significant negative behavioral effects in the men who use them, including irritability, hostility, and mood swings.

Taking steroids attracts more harm than good because you never know when you’ll fall into a violent outbreak and hurt somebody.

Not to mention they cause  liver damage, cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure, kidney problems, depression, and has been linked to cancer and premature death.  

Athletes are always looking to get ahead of their competition and some are willing to go as far as taking steroids to help them get an advantage.

Many have been caught and been suspended from the sport or stripped of their accomplishments.

Lance Armstrong for example, announced he was on steroids and was banned from the sport of Cycling for life.

Not only was his career affected, but his reputation and image were greatly damaged. People now saw him as a “cheater.”

Marion Jones, who was the first female track and field athlete to earn five Gold Medals at the Olympics tested positive for steroids and was striped of her medals.

Not only that, but the Olympic committee banned her from the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Alex Rodriguez, the youngest in the MLB to hit 500-career home runs, was suspended for 211 games which is about two seasons.

Ultimately steroids have been proven to enhance athleticism tremendously and that is the reason why so many athletes take them.

But the risk that comes along with them is definitely not worth the take. It not only puts yourself in danger but your family and friends.

Aside from the health problems, Steroids have been linked to murder counts, suicide/ attempts, domestic violence, and crime related activity.

Steroids come on different forms and some happen to be legal, these are the ones that need to become illegal because many athletes go on to abuse them and potentially become a threat to society.

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