PlayStation 4, a better console than Xbox One

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By Jordan Elias

There are many reasons to choose PlayStation 4 over of Xbox One, but the biggest reason it is versatility especially online.

Another reason to choose PS4 that it is cheaper, the price it is $399 at Best Buy, whereas the Xbox One costs $499.

Also, more people buy the PS4, so if someone want to play online, it is better for them because there are more gamers.

The resolution quality is better in PS4. For example, the game Battlefield 4 has more pixels in PS4, therefore it is better than Xbox One.

This is one of the most popular games, so gamers notice a big difference when playing.

Best Buy sellers said that many teenagers are experts on every characteristic that these two consoles have.

Xbox One seemed too focused on TV, movies and voice-controlled entertainment, and not focused on playing games.

Where Sony pushed to make its console more affordable, Microsoft saddled it with a pricey motion control peripheral that nobody really wanted – the second-generation Kinect.

PS4 has an exquisite design, is smaller, and emits less heat, although it seems to produce more noise.

It is more powerful. It has the power supply inside, so it’s easier to fit in the living room.

The Xbox One has the power out of the console.

The Xbox Live Gold subscription costs $59.99 per year, and can be cheaper online.

One serves for Xbox and Xbox 360, and two free games per month with access to additional services such as Skype can be rent.

The PlayStation Plus subscription costs $49.99 per year.

This subscription allows gamers to play  seven or eight games with other console by Sony, such as PS3 or PS Vita.

PS4 Dualshock 4 is lighter, has improved triggers and sticks, and has a touch panel to program functions and add new game modes.

With PS4, Sony seems to care more about gamers and their satisfaction than making money.

Both Xbox One and PS4 can be played on tablets, smartphones and laptops in addition to some games, through apps for iOS and Android, or PC.

However, Sony has its own handheld console, the PS Vita. It is a great machine, and has dropped price. PS4 has more advantages.

The PS4 Vita screen allows off-screen players, gamers can watch shows such as “Big Brother” or “My Grandmother” looking Boyfriend, which are interesting and educational programs.

Although Microsoft has improved this console, Sony continues to lead in sales in the United States and in many countries like Japan, where a lot of people prefer PS4 over Xbox One.

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