LGBT community stands against anti-gay laws

By Christopher Jimenez

The anti-gay laws such as HB2 in Mississippi and North Carolina have sent a great movement against both states .

The Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act in North Carolina has impacted the transgender community, as they can only  use restrooms based on their biological sex.

Also, Mississippi passed a law in which a person of the Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) community can be denied access to  a business’ restrooms, can be fired from any job and can be denied permission to rent or buy any property.

Both Governors Phil Bryant and Pat McCrory signed these acts and went into effect.

Target, the first retail store to have transgender restrooms, has driven extremely religious people to chaos.

There have been videos of Christian and Catholic groups shouting and disturbing customers, employees and people who support transgender equality.

The people who are with this movement do not understand how difficult it is for the LGBT community to have the rights and equality they have fought for. There have been recent cases of children being raped because of the transgender restrooms.

Parents must stop and think and ask themselves. “Should I leave my five-year-old child alone in the restroom?”

Instead of boycotting Target for wanting equality for all, parents and religious groups must understand, it is a change we must go along with. That is how we will stand together and know peace.

The transgender community and Target cannot be the ones to blame for the rape cases of children, women and men.

The problem they have with trangender bathrooms is having those who want to cause harm, take advantage of this and cause tragic problems, such as rape.

There have been over 3,400 cases of child rape in churches since 2004, and those are just what we know. There may be more.

More than 700,000 people pledged to boycott Target for their transgender restroom policy in North Carolina.

This was led by the Christian activist group, American Family Association.

It is a shame that we cannot grow as a community and fight those who try to hurt us.

We are offended by the smallest issues in life, and that is honestly making us feel weak.

The real issues going on are the abuse, horrific comments and threats toward transgender people. There are studies of transgenders committing suicide because they are shunned for their lifestyle.

I believe we should have transgender restrooms everywhere, in colleges, workplaces and stores like Target. This will not happen because of hardcore Christian activist groups and their views against equality for all.

Our sexual preferences do not and will never define our personality in this world.

We should not declare many priests as holy humans, because they do not understand how to raise a family and being a hardworking citizen, because with their religious practices has many of they pay no taxes and raise no families.

Transgenders know how it feels to be hardworking citizens in this society, to raise a family and have sexual intcourse and know the feeling of being in love.

Target should be proud to be the first big retailer to accept transgenders as they are, for who they are.

This will not stop them. It also should not stop other retailers from understanding and just giving equality to all… looking at you, Walmart.

This will be progress and a reason for many transgenders to come out of their shells and embrace that change is coming.

Many celebrities oppose this awful law. Artist Bruce Springsteen cancelled a show in North Carolina because of the act.

He sent out a statement on this Facebook page, “Some things are more important than a rock show.”

One of the biggest TV hosts, Ellen Degeneres, also spoke out about about the law.

There is a video of her on her website She is a lesbian and this is something she took very seriously and personally.

We must all take it personally, because we are discriminating against human rights, not gay rights. The transgender community has hit a tough road from the start. If they can marry, why not have netrual abthrooms, with the sex they defined themselves?

We have become a nation where we are offended by someone’s way of life. Many see the LGBT community as enemies of the country, but that is untrue.

There are rapists, thieves, murderers and untrustworthy people who have hurt this nation’s people. These people try to cause harm to those who want to get by in life, and become a part of society.

Transgender people are everyday people like you and I, just trying to get by in this life. We cannot make them suffer because of their sexual orientation.

They must not be treated as less than human. They are our friends, neighbors and workers.

It is inhumane to see people who chose to become transgender, because of our belifes. The trangender people deserve to have netrual bathrooms.

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