ELAC Student finds interest in poetry

by Johanna Calderon

An East Los Angeles College student, Eros Saldana, is getting his poetry book published by Creating Space through Amazon.com. He entered the Talent Show again because he had in the fall the past, but this time, he read a poem to the audience.

His poem focused on immigration because it a hot topic around the world, but he writes mostly about love.

“I never title my poem and the reason why is because I think afterwards and I just write.” Saldana said.

When the book is published, it won’t have a title because he wants it that way and he numbers them one to 10. Also, he want readers interpret what each poem means because there are so many different ways people think and interpret.

He wants to capture the the reader’s attention by not letting them know what they are reading immediately, because it is a little mystery and they have to find out by reading.

Saldana started to write when he was eight years old and he would write about his emotions, like if he felt sad or happy in that moment.

“I like writing at night and I have more creativity. It so beautiful!” Saldana said.

His mind goes beyond creative at night because it gives him more tools to express his message.

“1. I never really liked vintage things but you are the most beautiful thing I have ever discovered. 2. I never thought about going back in time but I would replay meeting you a thousand times. 3. Whenever I get asked what’s my home like I can’t help but to describe you. 4. I have never really had an admiration for art but you are the most magnificent piece of art I have ever laid my eyes on. 5. In this sea of people I would still choose you. 6. I love looking at the sky but I’d miss a thousand sunsets just to look at your eyes!” Saldana wrote

Some of the poems are about a girl whom he dated when he was teen, but she moved and it was closure for him. With the feelings of sadness, it helped to improve on the things he wanted to write or where he wants to go with his writing.

He is part of group called East Poetry, created by Richard Cabral founder of East Side Poetry, who changed his life when he was in jail and now, he is an actor in tv show “American Crime.”

Saldana was able to meet him at one of the open mic. Saldana and Cabral to help teens and people of all different ages to come to open mic  every 1st and 3rd of the month, they can be away from drugs and do something positive.

Being in the speech team help him to get better talking in front of the audiences because he still get nervous when he go on stage and there professors help him to get better. ELAC speech help him with membering the speech.

Saldana’s book will be published in two months, because he is currently working on the cover of the book.

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