“Six Characters” bring interesting performances among confusing plotline

By Daniela Jalteco

“Six Characters in Search of an Author” is a self-reflexive play with a confusing plot along with standout performers.

The plot deals with six mysterious individuals who are in search of an author to bring their tragic story to life through a play.

Edward Navarette  plays The Director perfectly.

He was very clear and made you understand what his motivation was throughout the entire play.

Another strong performance was Angelique Enos who portrayed the step daughter.

Her character gives off the impression of someone who has undergone a mysterious yet tragic past.

Another one of the lead actress’ was Carolina Meza playing the mother. She was a believable and convincing character that opens up to the audience about her haunting past.

Meza lets them in and making them feel her torment and melancholy.

Supporting actors that stood out include Estella Cazal, Stephanie G. Galindo and Sianila Champagne Veja. They left quite a good impression that felt naturalistic.

Cazal made an entertaining entrance with a dog in her purse and a coffee at hand. She gave off the impression of a fabulous diva type of girl.

Galindo’s character was friendly, down to earth and easygoing. The actress seemed to be in the role very well and everything seemed to play out naturally.

One of the most funny and memorable bits was when Madame Pache, played by Veja, was introduced and how well the character was played.

Madame Pache’s scene was hilarious, the character was natural. She had this flamboyant and seductive side to her that captivated the audience’s attention.

She left a comically effective impact and the audience.

The director, Kelley Hogan did a great job in selecting and directing the actors.

They lived up to what each one of them had to act out. Overall, the actors gave interesting performances.

The six characters, along with the director, were the most fleshed out characters. The cast and crew in the play came off as more leveled.

The six characters come off as larger than life. This fits well with them since they are mystical figures.

The cast and crew in the play come off as more neutralized and grounded.

The set design was good and gives the impression of entering a theatrical world.

The introduction of the characters living in the real world felt naturalistic and gripping. However, confusion sets in once the six characters are introduced.

The narrative was incoherent and dragged.

The six characters explain too much of their personal experiences. This causes lack of interest, and makes the audience feel lost as a result.

The plot felt incomplete and the six characters were very back and forth about certain situations. They constantly alleged each other throughout the whole play.

One of the themes of the play is the meeting of two worlds. The cast and crew being part of the modern world and while the six characters have 1920’s styled theme to them.

These two worlds are combined and makes it interesting to watch how everything unfolds.

The story begins good but seems to drag on as it progresses. The point the six characters are trying to get across was never made.

Six Characters in Search of an Author” was intriguing while having a confusing story line, yet it was a distinctive and mysterious play.

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