Students decides their own fate

By Diego Olivares

School has finally come to an end, but what will the summer have in store for us? Actually, this goes into a more interesting question, what is in store for those leaving college?

For some of the students of East Los Angeles College, this semester might be their last. Of course this is the same event that occurs every year.

Many students graduate and move on the other things. Some transfer to university to further their careers.

Others decide that their done with school and focus on other matters. This includes continuing with their current jobs.

This is something that I’ve have been thinking about for the last few days. Currently, I’m nearing completion of my certificate for my major.

It’s a funny thought for myself as this was my prime goal entering ELAC. I first came to ELAC back early 2013, having moved back to Los Angeles.

I’d had gone through two different post high school experiences. The first was a trade school training which, at the moment, went nowhere.

The second was attending my first community college after moving to Santa Clarita. I majored in media, which was a field I was interested in.

Though due to poor planning and moving to L.A., I was unable to finish my studies there. I came to ELAC partly due it be closer to where I’d lived.

Before attending, I’d decide to take the time to research what courses were being offered there. One of the courses that I’d found was journalism.

I’d automatically became interested in this as this is something I’d wanted to do. Ever since middle school, I’d thought about taking journalism classes.

But to be honest, it was really more out of interest than creating an actual career. Don’t get me wrong, I’d enjoyed my time as a journalist.

Plus, I was able to get something out of this like experiencing a new career. But now I feel that’s coming to end for me.

And it’s this that’s getting me to think what to do next. One suggestion is to continue with school and go for an AA Degree. Another to end it here and try to find work with my certificate.

Again, I’d enjoy my major and don’t mind continuing it. But is it something that I want to be my prime goal in life?

I’m sure there are other students or think or feel this way. Continue with school or began to search for work.

However, I feel that in the middle of these two choose, there’s always a third somewhere in the middle.

Some college students go off and end up creating their own personal goals. This is something I’m starting to related to.

For many years, I’ve had a goal of my own that I’ve been dreaming of doing. I’ve always had a lifelong interest in cinema, hence why I’d studied media early on.

Recently, I’ve felt wanting to return to this personal goal of mine. It’s a goal that I’ve put off for many years and I feel like now it’s the time to return.

I believe that students should decide on what goals that they want to do. They shouldn’t scare to follow them, even if it doesn’t fit the classic mold of what to do upon graduation.

In the end, you decide on what to do with you life. Furthering your education, focusing on work or creating a goal are all strong things to do.

But the choice is left to you. Good luck in the future, and do what you want to do.

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