Choosing a greener, presidential candidate

By Javier Lopez

The saying, “Vote for the lesser of two evils” is thrown around in abundance during presidential elections, but with Jill Stein, we can vote for the interest of our communities.

I believe this is more important than electing someone we do not want as president out of fear.

Stein is running for president as part of the Green Party, which steers away from the usual two party system in the political process.

We need to steer away from that tradition in order to become a more progressive nation.

Stein’s political platform supports the working class. Stein plans to create millions of jobs by having the United States transition to clean renewable energy by 2030. She also plans to invest in public transit and sustainable agriculture. She calls it, “A Green New Deal.”

This deal would have wondrous effects on the U.S economy and decrease unemployment rates.

It would also make planet Earth cleaner and safer for us to inhabit.

Protecting Mother Earth is not seen as a priority to other presidential candidates, but it is for Stein.

She wants to halt fracking, which is drilling deep into the ground for oil, to help against climate change.

She also wants to protect our public lands by labeling GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) for the safety of public health.

Stein also believes that health care is a human right. The U.S has had trouble when it comes to health care.

Privatized corporations have overpriced health insurance as well as medical services to the point of excess.

This has made it nearly impossible for the working class to attain decent health care coverage.

Stein plans on solving this issue by creating a single-payer public health insurance program for all.

With recent stories of life-saving medicine increasing in price for profit is a complete disregard the sick.

The issue is very important and Jill Stein has the best plan to solve it.

Stein also plans on expanding women’s rights as well as protecting the LGBTQIA+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transexual, Queer, Intersex, Asexual) community from discrimination.

She plans on creating policies that defend the rights of all.

She is also a strong believer in Immigration reform and has plans to create a pathway to citizenship for undocumented people who came to the U.S for a brighter future, that will benefit the economy

Education is a very important conversation in the current presidential elections. Stein strongly believes that education is a human right.

If Stein is elected president, she plans on abolishing student debt in order to free everyone of the burden that comes with student loans, which were acquired just for wanting an education.

She also plans on guaranteeing tuition-free public education from pre-school through university.

Stein is also against the privatization of the U.S public educational system, which turns education into a business rather than a way to educate our youth.

Police brutality is a serious issue that our society is facing.

Stein has a plan to end police brutality by demilitarizing the police force in all communities.

She also plans on creating review boards and full-time investigators to look into all deaths that take place within police custody.

In order for a president to do their job well they must not be selective.

Based on all of Jill Steins political beliefs and planned policies, it is clear that she hopes to make sure everyone is safe, educated and healthful in the U.S.

She is the only presidential candidate who believes that choosing profit over people is immoral. She plans to help the U.S be as progressive as it claims to be.

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