All-star cast shines in remake

By Gustavo Buenrostro

An action filled film with a lack of innovation is what audiences get when they watch the remake of “The Magnificent Seven”.

“The Magnificent Seven” is a fun film to watch, whether people are a fan of westerns or not.

“The Magnificent Seven” is a modern retailing of the original film with good acting, slow pacing and entertaining action scenes yet having almost no innovation.

Compared to the original “Magnificent Seven”, this film has more violence and the action sequences are much longer.

The explosions in the film are intricate and add fun to the  film the original never had.

The special effects are better than the original’s.

The blood does not look fake and there are no jarring cuts which the original suffered from.

This film has a smoother transition from scene to scene.

The camera work is done well in this film. It combines old camera techniques, with the modern technique of filmmaking.

The film is about the town of Rose Creek, used by a corrupt industrialist named Bartholomew Bouge, played by Peter Sarsgaard.

A woman from the town named Emma Cullen, played by Hayley Bennett, goes out searching for help.

She comes across a bounty hunter, Samuel Chisolm played by Denzel Washington, who agrees to help her and recruits six skilled outsiders.

Some of the outsiders are Josh Faraday, played by Chris Pratt, Goodnight Robicheaux played by Ethan Hawke and Jack Horne played by Vincent D’Onofrio.

There is also Billy Rocks played by Byung-Hun Lee, Vasquez played by Manuel Garcia-Rulfo and Red Harvest played by Martin Sensmeier.

The film offers a lot of action and gunslinging, which pays tribute to old western films, as well as the original film.

There is a scene where Chisolm is riding a horse and the camera pans right on Chisolm’s face, just like they did in the original film.

In another scene there is a panning shot of all the seven riding to Rose Creek.

The camera pans from an angle and moves past the characters, putting the town in the middle of the frame, which is a modern technique used today.

Some characters in the film are more three-demensional out more than others, including those of the actual seven.

The film gives each of them a reason to join.

Some do it  for money, others owe favors and some just do it because they believe they were set on a path.

Sam Chisolm was the most three-demensional out of all the characters in the film.

His reason to help the town is that he feels bad for the people and wants justice, but as the movie carries on, Chisolm’s motives are revealed to be more personal than he led others to believe.

Yet other members of the seven don’t get the same treatment as Washington’s character.

One thing to note is this cast is much more diverse than the cast in the 1960’s version, which does have some impact on the story.

In the original, the characters helped out a town in Mexico and the Mexicans needed help from Americans.

In that film the seven actually leave, but come back to help.

In the 2016 version the seven stay and help the townspeople protect themselves, by teaching them how to fire a weapon.

The films are representatives of their respective times. The 60’s would never have a diverse cast as the heroes.

In the present, it’s more common that a race other than the caucasian race become the heroes.

The 2016 film did not do anything new with the genre of westerns, it was formulaic.

It is the story of good and bad. The film was slow paced, which is expected in westerns. The actions of certain characters were predictable.

There was nothing added to the genre to make it fresh. The reason this film stands out is the predictability.

Many of modern films try to trick the audience by making the audience feel sympathy for a villain.

Modern age films have more convoluted plots and are more serious.

“The Magnificent Seven” brings it back to a time where good guys and bad guys were defined.

Despite this, the film is still very fun to watch on the big screen and should be checked out.

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