Marijuana legalization impacts students health

by Johanna Calderon

Legalizing marijuana is a big issue that students want to happen because the students do not have to worry about being detained and it would change how others see it, but should not happen.

However, if it becomes legalized it can be more problematic than it is.

If it was legalized, some of  ELAC students would consume this product during school hours and that would be a disaster for the school’s reputation. This product can confuse people’s minds, which also includes our very capable students.

Mike Velar, a student from East Los Angeles College, does not agree that Marijuana should be legal for many reasons.

Its can damage the lungs by cause bronchitis that would make the person hard time to breath and counting coughing. Someone want to exercise by running, but could not because they have to stop and catch their breath. Nevertheless it’s bad for the teeth because they get rotten and yellow the teeth. Have all source of health problems just be smoke it.

When studying, students need to be able to grasp what the professor is teaching them during class time.  One needs to ask, how a student can be on the right set of mind, if they are stoned in school.

“It is not necessary unless they need it. (Shaking his head) If they are sick,” Velar said.

Patients with cancer are usually the people who have access to medical marijuana. Pain is a common symptom for these people which they endure daily. Still, there are always those few people that do misuse this product for profit. Those who use for medical marijuana can abuse and even lie that they need it or would resell their medical marijuana to other people in exchange for money .

It hard to keep track on the people who are using it.

Smoking a “joint” is the most popular use for marijuana. On campus there are signs of students smoking this product because they do not go to the correct place for smoking. Instead, used “joints” are found on shaded corners of the school.

In addition, our cadets would be required to patrol the campus more often since our school has a daycare for the students with young children. Many children can be exposed to marijuana from second-hand smoke or witness drug deals. There may be a lot of  parents who may be exposing their young without knowing what they are doing from the effect.

Marijuana is capable of changing one’s responsibilities, such as going to school or work late or forget to even go. Some, but not all can become addicted to it because many lose their everyday functions.

Misuse of marijuana can also be dangerous.It can cause accidents in a workplace because some employees that drive industrial trucks and/or forklifts can be under the prescription and capable of hurting someone.

Vote no on Proposition 64.

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