Campus construction blocking opportunities

By Javier Lopez

The construction work being done outside of the Transfer Centers’ new location is detrimental to students and their transfer process.

We have enough Elans confused about where the Transfer Center is ever since it moved from the Students Service Center to F5 during the summer.

The blockade for construction completely covers the transfer center, making it seem as if there is no way to reach it.

Students might think that it is closed off and choose to go another day after seeing the giant construction zone surrounding it.

This is the worst time to make the Transfer Center seem inaccessible to students. UC and Cal State applications are due November 30 for all students.

If students do not know where the staff that helps students with the application process due to construction then it might lower their chances of getting into their dream school.

Students need to be able to reach their resources in order to get their personal statements checked. Not all Elans find the application process simple, if they have a question about the application they need to know where they can go to find answers.

The construction zone is not only getting in the way of Elans’ transfer process, but it is also getting in the way of getting help with scholarships.

One of the most important scholarships is the Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship that awards students with 40,000 dollars over the span of three years to fund their education.

The resources to apply for this scholarship are at the Transfer Center, but if students cannot find it then they will decide not to apply or go on with questions unanswered.

It is a very stressful semester for students who plan on transferring Fall 2017 and being uncertain of where the Transfer Center is or whether it is open or not just adds to the stress.

The Transfer Center shares its space with the Veterans center. This just adds as much confusion to where veterans can go and find the resources they need to further their education.

Being able to find and access these centers is fundamental to the progress of Elans. They can go to the Center and staff will be ready to not only support students but encourage them to apply to schools that they never even thought of. They also inform students about work-shops they will be having for students who are in the process of transferring.

The Transfer Center is a great place to get answers about the transfer process. It is now located in D7, right across the Swim Stadium and the construction zone. It is open from 8:00 a.m to 7:00 p.m, Monday through Thursday. On Friday it is open from 8:00 a.m to 4:30 p.m. You can also contact the ELAC Transfer Center at (323) 265-8623.

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