London trip to explore historical theater roots

By Francisco Portillo

Students have the opportunity to take a trip to London starting on July 26, 2017.

Coordinated by professor Kelley Hogan, the purpose of this trip is to learn about London’s history through the perspective of theater.

Students who are majoring in English and History may also want to consider going on the trip.

“English majors will go crazy because they get to see three productions, with two of them more than likely being Shakespeare,” Hogan said.

Hogan believes that going to London is like walking within history because of the historical landmarks that are still around.

Portions of the city from World War II and medieval London will be great attractions for history majors.

“The Beatles’ London is still there. You can go to the nightclub where Paul (McCartney) met Linda (Eastman). You can take them to the Indica Gallery where John (Lennon) met Yoko (Ono). You can go to Abbey Road to see the studio and walk across the famous street,” Hogan said.

In 2005, Hogan and a group of students from East Los Angeles College were able to take a trip to London.

Ever since then, she has been trying to the opportunity back to campus.

On the first trip, Hogan and the students visited the British Library where notable historical documents like the Magna Carta and John Lennon’s handwritten lyrics are found.

Hogan believes that this trip will offer students a new perspective on theater, education and career perspectives for students.

Being a kid from Phoenix, Hogan attended drama school in London, where her perspective on theatre and learning changed forever.

Besides the academic aspects of the trip, students will also be able to enjoy some leisure time in London, like visiting pubs and sightseeing.

This time around, the trip will be much more expensive, but students will experince a more comfortable trip.

The price of the trip is $2,900. Students have three payment options. They can either pay in full at the time of enrollment, pay a $95 deposit and have automatic deductions made from their bank account, or create a manual payment plan, where they pay the deposit upon enrollment and $500 are due 30 and 90 days after enrollment.

“The trip actually includes three dinners. They take you out to the theater, and that is included in the travel expense. All the theater tickets will be included, whereas the students on the last trip had to pay for all of their shows,” said Hogan.

Students can visit the Financial Aid Office and speak to Julio Alvarado, the Financial Aid Technician, to learn how to use financial aid to cover the expenses.

When students sign up and start making their monthly payments, they will be given a link to their own personal GoFundMe page.

They can then share it with friends and family to raise money for the trip.

When students reache their financial goal, any money that is left over will go straight to the students to be used as spending money for the trip instead of refunding it or taking a percentage.

Students will be picked up from the airport by a bus and taken to a hotel with private bathrooms, as opposed to the shared hostel restrooms.

“A lot of these students never had a passport, they’d never been on a plane. Most of them had never been outside of Los Angeles even,” Hogan said.

Students can receive a discount of $100 by registering for the trip by Oct. 31.

To apply for the trip, students can email professor Hogan at

There is a workshop on Oct. 28. and students interested should RSVP with Hogan by email.

“I know what an amazing city it is. It’s set up for tourism and to welcome people. The exposure you get as a college student is amazing, as students can walk in history,” Hogan said.

Those who attend the trip will get credit for a History of World Drama class, which can be transferred as a general education class.

For more information about the trip, visit:

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