Club to host talent show to tie community together

By Francisco Portillo

The Adelante Club is putting on a talent show on Dec. 2 that students and faculty members are able to participate in.

Dr. Vanessa Ochoa, Dean of First-Year Experience Programs is coordinating the event.

“The talent show is meant to connect students with the faculty members and to display the similarities between each other. To show that everyone is human,” Ochoa said.

She believes that students and faculty don’t spend enough time engaging with their artistic sides.

She also said that students stress too much on academics and should engage in their passions in order to be a balanced student. 

Aside from the students and staff members who will be participating, there will also be non-student performers, live DJs and a Hip-Hop MC.

The event will be split into different portions in order to leave more opportunities for students and their families to enjoy the event. 

The first portion will be dedicated to the Mixer & Food Sale, which will allow the attendees to mingle with one another.

Different clubs such as the Adelante With Your Dreams Club will be selling food.

The second portion will be the talent show itself and will  give students and faculty members the opportunity to display their talents and hobbies.

The final portion of the event will harken back to the high school days of school dances.

Students will be able to mingle with the live music from DJ Clos and MC Toquon.

The talent show will contain a panel of three judges. The winners can win gift cards from the bookstore on campus.

The judges’ panel will consist of Marcella Lozano, who is a classified staff member with the Adelante program.

Vice Principal of Academic Affairs, Dr. Laura Ramirez, and Professor Obed Silva, from the English department will join Lozano.

Brenda Ayala will perform a Samba dance to “Macarena.”

“I’ve done it before (dancing) and I want everyone to see the masterpiece that I’ve been working on. I love performing even though I get nervous in front of crowds,” Ayala said.

Ayala has prior experience with dancing from high school when she was involved with dancing all four years.

Samba focuses on the movement of hips and the shaking of the performer’s lower body.

The closing dance portion will be held from 8 until 10 p.m.

Students who wish to participate should register online for the event at by Nov 18.

The talent show will take place in the F5 Multipurpose room.

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