Men’s Soccer ends in tie despite changes

By Gustavo Buenrostro

A change to the men’s soccer team dynamic came too late in the season as East Los Angeles College ended in a tie against Pasadena City College yesterday.

While ELAC played well and was able to set up plays for shots on goal, the team could not execute to score. This is the problem that has been affecting the team all season.

“We dominated the second half, but we couldn’t get the ball into the net. It is something that we struggled with a lot during the season,” ELAC head coach Eddie Flores said.

The team suffers when communication between the players and the coaches become an issue. There is a disconnect on how wins and losses affect the team. Some of the players said that win and losses have some effect on the mindset of the players, giving the team low morale.

While on the other hand, the head coach says that wins and losses don’t affect the team very much, saying that the team is aware each game is doable.

The Huskies played more as a team than in previous games. The team had much cooler heads during the game.

Frustration would only appear toward the end of each half of the game. Yet, their frustration never affected how the team played.

The Huskies were sending smooth passes to each other throughout the game, all while facing Pasadena’s rougher style of play.

Twenty minutes into the first half, Pasadena sophomore forward Sarmeen Ibrahim got frustrated when the ball kept going out of bounds and started yelling at his teammates to get it together.

ELAC had much better overall plays in the match. They often caught Pasadena off guard, having the Lancers play catch-up.

Early in the second half, ELAC’s passing was fluid as they moved the ball up the field against Pasadena’s back line.

“Coach Eddie (Flores) had a good team to counter us. We got good opportunities from the counterattacks, but we couldn’t get the ball in the net. They went out and played hard. It was a tough game,” said Pasadena head coach Henry Cabral.  

In the second half of the game, ELAC played a much more aggressive game. The team was more in sync than they had been in previous games, and pushed hard on Pasadena’s side of the field.

Sophomore right forward Ernesto “Lobo” Rubalcaba took the the ball several times from the opposition early in the second half.

“Lobo performed well tonight. He was up in front and defended until the end. He did a good job tonight,” said Flores.

During the first half of the game, the Huskies could not get on the same page. When ELAC would gain some sort of momentum, Pasadena’s defense would stay stout and kill the drives.

Flores said that he felt the team performed well but could not get any execute a goal. This is something that the team players agree on.

“We had our chances and we could have finished it but it is the same thing every game, we couldn’t finish. We get it (the ball) there but we don’t finish,” sophomore right back Francisco Gomez said.

ELAC has one more game on Friday at 6 p.m. at Mt. San Antonio. Coach Flores hopes to go out on a high note and win the game.

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