Football season wrap up

by Israel Moreno

The football team had a very successful season this year with a 9­2 record and won the American Metro Conference champion title and won the Patriotic bowl. Coach Andrew Tree said winning the conference championship was the biggest accomplishment they reached this season. Recruiting and training really hard are some of the ways they will be preparing for next season. “I think it’s been great we went from a 2­8 season to an 8­2, and i think that’s just a really great lead.” said Isac Pizana when asked about his thoughts on the season so far. “The guys work harder, the coaches are way better than we had last year, it’s just been such a big jump.”

The football team worked very hard to get where they are now. ELAC’s kicker Vicente Luis­Juan broke 2 records, for most extra points, and for having a 10 for 10 points after a touchdown. Vicente Luis­Juan said their main goal was to win the conference championships and to win a bowl game since day one. He said one of the things they did to prepare for the season was staying consistent from working out every day to the drills and the plays they executed. “ we stayed together as a family we never gave up, we stayed together till the end.” Luis­juan said.  “Its a awesome season i’m glad to be apart of this team” said Elijah Quarles who is a linebacker at ELAC. “Grind, weight room,field work and getting better at our craft, becoming great.” said Elijah about next season. Daniel Belton is a linebacker and he said he feels blessed just to be apart of the team. “ we are just gonna get bigger, faster stronger, and be more mentally tough.” Belton said about next season.

ELAC’s football team is ranked No. 1 in the American Metro Conference out of 7 teams.The California Community College Athletic Association ranked ELAC’s team as No. 3. LA Valley is No.1 and Southwestern is No. 2. They also won the Patriotic Bowl in Palm Desert, CA.They played College of the Desert and defeated them in their field.

Jonathan Santos was named the Patriotic Bowl MVP and Joey Knowles was named player of the game. The ending score 68 to ­37 with the Huskies winning the game! They started off with a great lead in the beginning of the game. You could feel the excitement as they finished a play, and the ELAC fans were also very supportive. College of the Desert caught up in the middle of the game, but ELAC’s team was not going to give up. They scored several touchdowns close to the end of the game. they had a really big lead against the roadrunners. Around a minute was left and the roadrunners decided to let the time run and that’s how the huskies took the victory. The football team showered their coaches with their buckets of water. ELAC’s football team had a very successful season proving that hard work and dedication is worth it at the end. They also achieved the two goals that they had in the beginning of the season.

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