New math final exams are bad for students

by Jerry Flores

A change has happened in the Mathematics department, starting this semester the Community College District will be creating final exams. This new rule has made  students feel uncomfortable and mad because it will be harder and they do not feel sure of what is going to be on the exams.   

Mathematics is an indispensable subject that is needed if  someone wants to transfer or graduate. At East Los Angeles College, everyone who wants to transfer or get a degree must study mathematics. During the past years, the teachers were the ones who created the finals, but now, it has changed and the LACCD is going to create them. With this situation happening now, students must learn everything that teachers teach trough the semester because for sure, in the final exams that the District is going to provide, everything is going to be included.

Even though students are always trying hard to learn everything in the mathematics class, it is impossible to remember everything at the end of the semester, not only because students go over different themes but also because students have more than one class and every class requires to learn and obviously pass them. It is hard for students because being at that school level, students should concentrate in every class to pass them.

Students feel uncomfortable, with pressure, and at the same time nervous with this new rule. They feel nervous because they do not know what is going to be in the final exam and what they have to study. Also, they feel with pressure because with this new rule, they have to basically ‘memorize’ everything from the class. Also, another challenge they have to overcome is to try to remember everything they saw during the semester in their mathematics class because the final exam is going to cover everything.

With this new rule imposed by the district, students feel kind of mad because now it will be harder for them to pass the final exam due that it is impossible to remember everything at the end of the semester. In the past years, it was a little easier because teachers were the ones who created the final exams and sometimes they did not include everything, they just included the last 2 or 3 chapters that teachers had taught.  

In my opinion, it is going to affect us, the students, because we cannot memorize everything from the class. We cannot only concentrate in that class because we have more than one class that also requires us to pass them. Even though the ELAC website has post a sample final for students, it is going to be hard because in my opinion, the district is going to create the exams harder than the teachers.

One thing that makes it a little easier is that the exam is going to be multiple choice, that is something that I like because most of the times, the answers are always on the options A and C, so we have more advantage to get the correct answer. Also, another good thing about it is that we do not have to show all the work, we just select the answer we think is correct and that’s it. But overall, I think this new rule is going to affect.

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