Let’s Dance Company performs annual choreography project

by Marlen Dominguez

The Let’s Dance Company brought live action rhythm to the audience and presented the 4th member choreographic project on Friday and Saturday.

It was presented by the company artistic director Kimberly Rabins, along with alumni choreographers Breanne Genite, Evelynn Rodriguez, and Michael Vallejos.

Although the dance concert was scheduled to begin at 7pm, it started ten minutes later.

There were eleven dances performances in total, and three of their dance performances were performed and choreographed solo, and these dancers were Stephanie Vela, Paloma A. Ramos, and Samantha Minor.

Some of the dance performances brought a lot of emotion through the transition of bright colors to sad, dull, and dark colors.

Each performance had different themes based on emotion and rhythm. The costumes made for each performance made it perfect fit for all project performed Friday and Saturday night.

The first performance was called “Alive” choreographed by ELAC alumni Breanne Genite and it was performed by every member of the Let’s Dance Company for the opening of the concert.

Followed by the first performance, some were performed by several members of the Let’s Dance Company each performed by different choreography.

After the first three performances, it was transitioned to a melancholy theme that provides a powerful lesson about life, particularly in “Give me Love,” “Mad World,” and “Crossroads.”

Towards the end of the dance concert, the Let’s Dance Company wraps it up with a pop song that is remixed with Gwen Stefani, The Weeknd, Justin Timberlake, Spice Girls, and Macklemore and showcased a chrome theme that resembles the future technological life.

It was performed by the entire group of Let’s Dance Company.

Anyone who is interested in performing for Let’s Dance Company for their next annual Choreography project, they will have a dance audition on Thursday, May 25th, 2017 at 3pm in the Performing and Fine Arts Complex on S2-106 Dance Studio.

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