School program helps both students and its employees

by Hector Gomez

Francia Cruz has endured a tough task at East Los Angeles College maintaining success as a student worker for the Adelante First Year Experience Program.  Cruz was born in Mexico, but has lived most of her life in Huntington Park, California.  She has been attending East Los Angeles College for two years now and is planning to transfer by the fall of 2017.  Cruz has helped and continues to help many students that are currently attending ELAC.

Cruz has now been working at the Adelante First Year Experience Program for a year and a half.  Her job mainly consist of helping first year students with scheduling and prioritizing classes they need and should take.  She has helped a great amount of students schedule classes through a whole years’ worth in order to have a plan they can follow.  With the help of Cruz, many students have a great plan and are able to complete a great amount of requirements through their first year plan.  

Adding along, she has always had students come to her on many occasions with situations or simply in need of advice with conflicting schedules.  The advice she has passed down towards these students have helped them create a time managing school schedule.  

Cruz and the Adelante staff have facilitated many workshops and programs that have benefited students mainly those in their first year at East Los Angeles College.  Indeed, not only have the students benefited from this, but Cruz and the Adelante program have as well.  She has gained lots of experience and witnessed the daily life of the student body while working for the Adelante First Year Experience Program.  The knowledge that her boss, peers and many coworkers have passed on to her is something she has valued tremendously.  

This job has really helped her think about her future as Cruz plans to return to East Los Angeles College and become a counselor.  Cruz states, “I think I gained a lot of experience, since in the future I would love to come back to ELAC and become a counselor.  I have seen and experienced daily life of the student body.”  She loves to help students and wants to keep on helping students succeed in school and achieve all their necessities in order to graduate and transfer.  

Not only does Cruz take pride in her job, but she loves the fact that she works at school which has also benefited her.  “Working in school is pretty awesome because it motivates you to continue to do well in your classes. If one fails to complete the semester successfully, we are in danger of being let go,” Cruz said.

 Just like her job requires work, they always expect Cruz to pass her classes and achieve in her school work.  Many jobs do not require this at all as they simply only care about your work effort, but with Cruz, her school effort must always be successful.

Adding along, her job works around her school schedule which gives her great time management and never any scheduling conflicts.  Cruz never feels the need to take a day off from work because it never interferes with her school requirements.  She is only allowed to work twenty five hours a week which gives her a manageable schedule where she can spread her hours from Monday through Friday without a problem.  Plus commuting is never an issue because school and work are both at East Los Angeles College.  

  The Adelante First Year Experience Program has definitely benefited since she’s became a student-staff member.  Cruz really values her work at East Los Angeles College and has played a huge role in helping many students as well as gaining so much knowledge throughout this time.

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