Elixir Piano Trio delivers outstanding performance

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By Felipe Rodriguez

The Elixir Piano Trio held a phenomenal performance this past Monday at the S2 Recital Hall.

The Trio performed famous works from composers Joseph Haydn, Sergei Rachmaninoff, and Astor Piazzolla.

“Hoboken XV:25(1732-1809)” by Joseph Haydn was soft in progression and                           ended with a rather smooth tone compared to the rest of the pieces.

By the end of the first performance the crowd reacted easily but became more involved as the program progressed.

This piece was the longest out of the four pieces performed, it set the stage for how amazing the rest of the performance was going to be.

“Trio Elegiaque in G Minor” by Sergei Rachmaninoff was a romantic piece that brought raw power and emotion into the performance.

This piece began to draw the audience into actively engaging in the performance                    and brought a big reaction from the crowd by the time it was over.

The beautiful melodies in this piece were emotionally driven and complex.

The tone of the piece brought diversity to the program and showed a different side to the performance.    

   “Otono Porteno” and “Primavera Porteno” are argentinian tangos that incorporated classical jazz in the performance.

The last two pieces were a perfect end to the performance, it left the crowd amazed with how versatile the trio was.

These pieces were shorter than the others but, were nonetheless amazing.

The performers delivered an amazing performance and earned a standing ovation by the end of the program.       

A multi-award winning pianist Lucy Nargizyan has been featured as a soloist and collaborator all throughout the world.

Her work as a pianist, have been well noted and was a major component to the trio’s performance.

Her flawless handy work as the pianist in this group was vital to creating the tone of the performance.      

Samvel Chilingarian,an instructor at ELAC, is a talented violinist conductor, and performer who brought a lot to this outstanding performance.

Chilingarian’s performance didn’t go unnoticed and deserves the same amount of recognition as the rest of the trio. 

His skills on the violin were an essential addition to the piano and cello that perfectly enhanced the performance.     

Fang Fang Xu is an amazing cello player that held a vital role in the trio.

Her performance  added to the other performers and brought great power to the all of the pieces.    

The Trio is fronted by Lucy Nargizyan on piano, Samvel Chilingarian on the violin, and Fang Fang Xu on the Cello.

The performance had a very soft beginning and became powerful as the program progressed.

All of the performers delivered an amazing performance and are incredibly talented.

The beautiful melodies the trio brought to the program had audiences gripped with amazement and left many stunned.

The performance lasted about an hour and ended with a standing ovation by the audience. 

To find out more about the Elixir Piano Trio and all of their upcoming performances, visit their website at Elixirpianotrio.com.

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