Football player sets new records

By Tiana Hunter

Twenty year old Vicente Luis-Juan broke not one, but two East Los Angeles College football records this season. 

Making new school records is an accomplishment few can say they have achieved.

Luis-Juan a sophomore who has played kicker for ELAC’s football team the last two years wasn’t focused on setting new records but bettering the team he is part of.

Luis-Juan broke the record for most extra points, a record that wasnt for forty eight years. Luis-Juan broke the first record by 12 points.

The school record was 42 extra points and he had 54, making him the new record keeper.

The second record he set will be the first one ever in East Los Angeles College history.

Luis-Juan made a new record for ELAC by going 10 -10 points after a touchdown.

What this means is after every touch down his team made, he delivered the extra point which consists of a field goal attempt from twenty yards out.

“Achieving this new record was the best result I could have had this season,” Luis-Juan said.

He also said that without the support of his family and his team  he wouldn’t have achieved these accomplishments this season.

Luis-Juan grew up in Mexico and came to the United States at the age of nine-years-old.

He was raised in the El Sereno community on the east side of Los Angeles. During high school he was introduced to football.

During his junior year of  high school his coach motivated him to play the kicker position for his team. Ever since that day he decided he wanted to perfect his craft as a kicker.

Luis-Juan describes this season as one of the best seasons he’s had since been a part of because his team and him had some really great accomplishments.

He also described how breaking records this season at Elac is well earned.

Vicente says breaking records made him really proud of himself  because he doesn’t give up easily.

He did not intend to give up despite his previous struggles.

He feels he’s made these accomplishments because he never gave up and took care of his business on and off the field.

Fellow teammate, Shaquile Shelton describes Luis-Juan as a confident player who has a type of swagger on the field that you don’t see from many players.

He says Luis-Juan is a hard worker who is always trying to perfect his craft.

Being teammates for two years with Vicente, Shaq knows him quite well and said how he’s always in the weight room or field working.

His teammate has faith in his potential and ambition.

“I honestly didn’t know he was so close to beating the records, but I would never put it past him to do so,” Shelton said.

After this football season, Vicente plans to focus on receiving his kinesiology degree.

He plans to be a physical therapist and help others. He also said how he was grateful for his support from his family and friends.

Luis-Juan credits his sucess to his family and friends who supported him through his journey.

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