Volleyball ends disappointing season with win

By Jerry Flores

Volleyball team’s struggling season came to an end last Thursday, finishing with a 9-14 overall record.

Individuals did well statistically, but the team won 1-8 conference games and did not make it to the post season play.

“When we were on the court there was no communication, and we got all frustrated. We had the skills to win, but we didn’t get the results because there was no communication and there was no team work,” freshman defensive specialist Jennifer Montes de Oca said.

The seven straight losses in conference play affected East Los Angeles College and their aspirations for winning a title.

“It affected us tremendously in that we had our hope set (on) winning the conference title,” said head coach Elliot Walker.

Players saw an improvement from the beginning to the end of the season and got positive impressions.

“First, we were not really talking and communicating, but toward the end, our game got better and better. You could just see that our game plans were more wise and (we were) smarter with our shot selections. We were playing the ball faster too,” freshman right side hitter Taryn Higareda said.

Husky freshman middle hitter Esther Duru had a great statistical season. In the state, she was number one in kills with 331, blocks with 155, points with 466.5, third in total attacks with 630, while finishing eighth in digs with 186.

Even tough the team went winless through their first seven games in conference play, Duru had a statistically dominant performance in the South Coast – North Conference.

She was number one in total kills (118), total blocks (65) and points scored (174), while ranking third in total attacks (240) and landing eighth in digs (69).

“I learned a hundred and one different things. I learned how to do things over. I learned how to coach new ways. I learned how to meet the kids and challenge them with different ideas. I think one of the biggest things I learned is that I have patience,” Walker said.

Walker was left happy with the victory obtained in their last game against Chaffey.

“I am excited and proud of them. I always learn as a coach. It’s better to finish strong than finish losing, that way we can focus in to the next season looking for new things to happen,” said Walker

Montes de Oca said the team is looking forward to better results next season, having many things to improve on, the most important being defense.

The team is going to have many changes for next season. About 25 freshmen will arrive for the team. Walker can’t give high expectations, but he said that it is going to be a highly competitive.

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