Student showcase art at writing center

By Eddie Garcia 

East Los Angeles College students can now have some of their artwork on display in the Reading and Writing Center located on the second floor of the Ernest Moreno Arts and Humanities building, also known as the E-3 building.

Claudia Jimenez of the Writing Center and Marisa Marofske of the Art Department turned a promising idea into reality.

It’s a new project that gives more exposure to ELAC students with artistic talent and is also a great motivational tool for aspiring artists. Students can receive help with their writing while admiring fellow students artwork.

“The long-term goal of this project is to have student’s artwork on display throughout the campus and also bring more awareness to the visual arts.” Jimenez said, “Some admirers of the art pieces even asked if they were for sale.”

That would give the artist a chance to make a little extra revenue.

Some art pieces were put on display at the beginning of this semester and the hope is that additional students will submit their works to be displayed after spring break. Sveral flyers are posted all over the campus to promote it. The deadline to submit artwork is on March 17.

If you have any questions, call Marisa at (323) 265-8842, or send an email to

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