The positive benefits of social media

By Jordan Elias 

Social media is seen as negative exposure to the world , but when used correctly it can lead to positive experiences.

To some, social media might cause depression or anxiety, but in my case people have told me that my Instagram posts have uplifted their day.

I work hard within social media and it is very important to me because it helps me to communicate with my family, friends and girlfriend in Argentina.

Social media has also helped me earn more than 100,000 followers on Instagram, because of the videos I make and share every day. Also, people tell me that my videos help them resolve their problems.

Besides that, social media has helped me network with people in the entertainment industry so that, perhaps, I will be able to work with them in the future. Through social media, people can learn more about other cultures and ideas.

I am living in the United States because I saw a post about East Los Angeles College on Facebook.

Social media helped me make the decision to move and pursue my education here in the U.S. Also, people can use the different platforms to connect with other people who have similar interests. It can also be used to interact and learn about the needs in one’s community.

These platforms are also a great way for people to sell or buy different things. Moreover, there are people that make a decent living with the money earned now from YouTube videos.

This is possible because YouTube pays people who have many subscribers and a lot of views on their videos. Companies pay good money to have publicity in many of these popular outlets and the money is usually divided between the host company and the creator of the media.

Before social media existed, it was much more difficult to search for someone or something but now with Google and Facebook search engines, people can just put a single phrase or first name and in a few seconds, they can find exactly what they need.

Social networks, with little effort can become a spectacular platform to share projects and activities, publicize brands, products services, and personal interests.

Some examples are the profiles and accounts that are dedicated to the well being of pets and pages that help acknowledge certain diseases to bigger audiences and provide resources that help and encourage people who struggle with the same issues.

There are also pages that promote common knowledge and spread helpful life tips. Social media can help you focus on your goals and aspirations. If you train yourself and avoid becoming addicted to social media it can bring great changes into your life.

Accessing it only a few minutes a day to take a note of the news and the world around you can change the outlook of you day drastically.

You can also share many of the publications that you like with the people that you follow or vice-versa and help spread the positivity to the people around you.

All in all, people should be aware that even though social media is important for some people like me and other daily users, we need to take responsibility to refrain from abusing it and not allow it to consume our lives.


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