Consistency brings followers to Instagramers

By Jordan Elias

To become a successful Instagramer, a user must be consistent and dedicate time to the media outlet.

An Instagramer is a person who dedicates their time to posting pictures and videos on a daily basis.

Jessica Jalife, who has a bachelor’s in communication, and is a television producer, and Social Media Producer, said that nothing is easy, it is difficult to have a lot of followers but if people work hard, it can be done.

Jalif is also the manager of Santiago Maratea who is one of the most famous Instagramers in Argentina. Jalife thinks that people have to be constant, work as a team and give the best of themselves.

People have to know the responsibility of being famous. “If people know how important their work is, can be accountable to the companies that want to contract them. It is possible to get money from appearances in events, free clothing, or even free entrances to nightclubs, as well as many others benefits,” Jalife said.

“Many Instagramers do not have many followers, but work with many companies because they know how to sell their product,” Jalife said.

“So sometimes companies spend money just in one Instagramer that has many followers, but other companies search and work with others Instagramers that do not have many followers.

It depends on each company,” Jalife said. There are many ways to get a lot of followers. Argentine Instagramer Gregorio Rosello said in Ciudad. com that he started off as a comedian five years ago, doing shows for 15 or 20 people.

Then he started doing videos on Instagram a year and a half ago. Now he has more than nine hundred thousand followers on Instagram.

“When I started, I had like two thousand followers, but then other people promoted me and I get like one thousand followers in one day,” Rosello said.

As he continued to post videos twice a day he began gaining up to two thousand followers per day.

According to, a Spanish news outlet, for an Instagramer to get a lot of followers he or she should create a short and attractive username because it is easier to remember. also said that it is important to be creative, unique and to have a personal style. Rosello changed his life with Instagram.

“Now I’m doing my show for three hundred thousand people on Gran Rex Theater. Also, this summer in Argentina I did a show almost every day for 300 or 400 people,” Rosello said in an interview for

Since his start, he has found another job in the Entertainment and Sports Programming Network in Argentina.

According to, a Mexican website, it is important to use hashtags to define what you will post and people can search you in the Instagram search box.

It is also better for an Instagramer to create his or her own hashtag and use it on posts so other users can know of it.

It is recommended to partner up with another well known Instagramer and post videos together so each others’ followers can increase.

The target audience depends on what kind of videos an Instagramer does. Instagramers can combine both of their styles into one video.

For example a video can be both a comedy and dancing video. Social media is important nowadays and users can take advantage to become known.

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