Drake gives fans ‘More Life’ with new album

By Tiana Hunter

‘More Life’ is the sixth solo album from triple platinum artist Aubrey Graham, better known as Drake.

The long awaited album was finally released March 18 after many push back dates. Back in October he alluded to dropping another album which many people thought would be released on his birthday, October 24.

After much speculation, Drake published a video on his instagram giving fans a release date. Drake has hinted at mending a broken fence in a relationship between him and his father. “More Life” would be extremely personal after the album cover was unveiled as an image of Drake’s father.

The album begins with shots being fired in the song ‘Free Smoke’ with industry beef with Chris Brown, Tory Lanez, Kid Cudi and his most known one with Meek Mill.

Drake used the platform of his intro “Free Smoke” as a boastful track that basically says “I’m above these artist and they can’t do anything about it,” but also challenging any artist to take him off the throne of rap. Drake then goes back to his personal side, paying tribute to his new style and Caribbean roots with his next nine songs.

Drake created this twist of modern hip hop and pop with classic Caribbean sounds through his last album ‘Views,’ with songs like “One Dance” and “Controlla.”

This is seen in songs like “ Madiba Riddem” which is a song about Drake voicing his struggles to maintain friendships. The mellow feel of the song and the upbeat rhythm of it makes this song destined to be a summer hit.

Along with the third track of the album “Passionfruit” which also has a pleasantly smooth feel to it. This song  tells fans about Drake’s struggle to maintain a relationship but also his trust issues.

Once Drake got out of the Caribbean phase, he throws out “Portland” featuring popular rap artists Quavo and Travis Scott. This song is about a trio of artists who rap about their success and pioneering of a new sound. 

The title “Portland”refers to the NBA team, the Trailblazers but Portland is significant to both Scott and Drake.

This song is about those who make a path where there isn’t one, these artist describe themselves as trailblazers.

Deeper into the album the song “Teenage Fever” samples Jennifer Lopez’s “If You Had My Love.”

Many feel this song is about Drake’s transition to a relationship from Rihanna to J-Lo. Another song that has received a lot of attention due to Drake telling his story of how he reached his success then used his final verse to bash how nemesis, Meek Mill reached fame by just talking about “rollies” or drugs.

The only single in this album is “Fake Love” which was released once the album was announced in 2016.

“More Life” established Drake as one of the top active artists of his generation. It shows diversity and range that many people questioned him for not having or not showing.

He addresses everything from the ghostwriting rumors, burying his rivals, and making catchy songs that’ll be stuck in everyone’s head for the rest of 2017. Thus leaving his fans craving for his next album or project. “More time for family and friends.. More Life.”

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