LACCD updates student portal to help inform students

By Gil Milanes 

The Los Angeles Community College District upgraded its student portal April 3.

The portal provides different tools all on the same page.

To access the new portal, students can find the link at www. under “Current Students,” then by clicking Financial Aid or by going directly to https://

The portal will allow students to view the status of their financial aid. The financial aid office will be able to keep students informed in real time, saving students the trip, hassle and waiting time at the financial aid office.

Information such as the Board of Governors Fee Waiver status will also be available through the portal.

Financial aid information is not the only benefit that the new portal will bring, according to East Los Angeles College’s financial aid director Lindy Fong.

“The portal will provide students with easy access to all the information they need all on the same page. Course information, messages from the campus, financial aid information, holds and much more,” Fong said.

Although the portal has not gone fully live, students are able to access the portal now. Once inside the portal, there is a link to access the school’s email on the top left side of the screen.

When clicked, the page will redirect to Office 365, where applications such as OneNote, Mail, Calendar, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneDrive and other applications are available for students to use. “The system is scheduled to go live in different phases.

Currently, admission for fall 2017 is being processed in the new system. In April, financial aid students will be able to see their financial aid status or outstanding checklist online in the student portal. In late May, the award information for Fall 2017 will be available in the student portal,” Fong said.

Staff from the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office attended training to learn the new system.

“There are a new functionalities that are different than our current system. It will take time for all of us to adjust and learn to use the new system. We ask students to be patient as we move to this new environment. We will do everything we can to ensure timely processing of the financial aid application process,” Fong said.

LACCD sent an email the second week of March to students from all nine community colleges in the district to announce the release of the new and improved student portal.

The login information will slightly change to what students are accustomed.

The user name will remain the student’s identification number. Password will change 88@, plus the first character of student’s last name capitalized, plus the month in two digit numbers and day of student’s day of birth.

Once logged in, students will have to change their old password to a new, personalized password with some minor requirements.

Fong encourages students to register and familiarize with the new portal. “Apply early and work with us as we learn this environment together,” Fong said.

For questions, visit the Financial Aid Office in E1-135. A computer lab for financial aid related purposes is also available in the same place.

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