‘Stop, drop, and roll’ takes hands-on approach with fire safety seminar

By Christian Horta 

“The building is burning,” exclaimed Fire Technology program coordinator, Jason Hosea, during a fire simulation, as participants lined up to practice the use of a fire extinguisher.

A fire safety workshop was held to demonstrate the proper use of a fire extinguisher, and what to do in the event of a fire, Monday in the F9 bungalow area from noon to 1:30 p.m.

Participants were given the opportunity to learn about different fire extinguishers, and put their knowledge to the test. Hosea set up a flame on an elevated surface platform.

The platform was connected to a propane tank to allow everyone to practice using the fire extinguisher. Hosea is confident that students will know what to do in the event of a real emergency if they prepare in advance.

“Students outnumber the staff by a lot, so if an emergency goes down, we are going to have to rely on each other,” said Hosea. “If something like an earthquake happens, the fire department is not going to be here right away.”

The emergency preparedness training was initially for staff and faculty.

Hosea, however, is aiming for more students to take part in these trainings.

According to Hosea, if students receive more training, then it will increase their confidence during a real emergency. “Preparation is the key to handling emergencies,” said Hosea. “You should not be asking yourself what to do during the moment of the emergency because that’s the wrong time to figure out what to do.”

ELAC student Juan Saucedo participated in putting out the flames. Saucedo was handed a fire extinguisher and was told to aim toward the base of the fire.

“I felt nervous and excited at the same time because I didn’t realize that putting out a fire was that easy,” Saucedo said. As he approached the flame, he appeared hesitant to pull the lever on the fire extinguisher. Hosea then yelled, “the building is burning!”

At that point he pulled the lever to put out the fire. Hosea is collaborating with ELAC Associated Student Union to plan emergency preparedness events on campus more frequently.

As of now, trainings are given twice a month on different topics.

So far this spring, there have been active shooter trainings and cardiopulmonary resuscitation review.

Hosea is hosting emergency preparedness topics based on possible emergencies that ELAC is susceptible to such as medical, fire, active shooter and earthquake.

May’s training will focus on earthquake evacuation procedures. The events will take place May 10 and May 15 from noon to1:30 p.m. in F5-219. Hosea highly encourages students to attend.

FIRE SAFETY—Captain Jason Hosea of ELAC Fire Tech supervises as Ana Toca attacks a
fire with the support of Lily Nieves at a fire-safety training workshop on Monday. C/N Christopher Reynoso

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