Students should take advantage of library workshops

By Leticia Muro 

Technology has allowed for information to only be a click away, but think twice before using wikipedia as a credible source.

Students, new and returning , should know how to distinguish a credible source from one that is not.

How does one tell if a source is credible? For those that aren’t sure or just need to refresh their memory, pay a visit to the campus library. On Saturday, a Smart Google workshop was presented at the main campus library.

Jillian Holt, who recently graduated with her masters in library science at San Jose University, was the the instructor for the weekend workshop.

She smiled and greeted each student as they came in. She passed out worksheets with a list of points that would be discussed through the course of the workshop.

She helped the group learn how to create a “Golden Standard”, which is a set of guidelines to determine if a source is reliable and credible. An hour later the workshop was over.

The students were able to ask additional questions, and take home the worksheet given. Holt explained, “ All I want is for them to walk away with the tools, and be able to apply them.”

The workshop seemed to be a success. Evelyn Martinez, one of the students in attendance, said “ I can’t believe how fast the class went. I’ll definitely be back to take another.”

The information that was presented during the workshop was easy to follow and apply immediately.

Holt was able to present things in a way that made them relevant. I walked away feeling confident in what skill set I had, and gained something as well.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take advantage of these workshops. The main campus library hosts a variety of workshops throughout the semester at various times, all for your convenience. I f help is needed to navigate the library to find a book, or perhaps a paper requires credible sources and proper citation, library workshops can help.

Go online, log in with a students username and password, and choose the desired workshop of your choice. Students can also go to the library in person to sign up for library workshops. All that’s left to do is be on time, and be ready to learn. 

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