Vocalists deliver graceful, angelic concert

By Russell Zazueta 

No microphones were needed to hear the graceful, angelic voices of the East Los Angeles College Chamber Chorale and Choir at the Spring Choral Concert.

Each member showcased their vocal abilities, sometimes in tandem, a group of soloists took the stage throughout the show.

They demonstrated to the audience that a dynamic of different registers (soprano, tenor, baritone) can add intense emotion over the ethereal blanket that the chamber chorale, choir and piano melody created.

With the Recital Hall filled with listeners, soloist Bianca Galicia’s operatic vocals brushed the air like a nightingale from a tree branch, while purple-haired Dr. Melissa Sky-Eagle’s performance of George Gershwin’s “Summertime” on piano laid the melody like a bed of flowers.

It was the most captivating performance of the night, with just them two on stage. Conducting the songs and speaking for the ensemble was Dr. Anthony Lupica, who translated the French lyrics to songs “La Rose Complete” and “Dirait-on” before being performed, and the reach-out showed his passion for the music he was conducting.

Same went for the actual performance of the songs. The room was like a hall of echoes inside a cathedral, with the chamber chorale and piano supplying the religious experience. After filling in for the part, Chamber chorale tenor Christian Mladosich debuted his first singing solo performance at ELAC in a soulful rendition of the African American spiritual “Ain’t Got Time to Die,” and with only three days of preparation before the concert.

He nailed his parts, and it was quite an achievement on his behalf. He received much acclaim and a loud ovation from the audience at the end of the song.

It was coupled with a song called “Hold On!,” which is a song about a woman leaving a good man behind to pursue her dream in California and failing, falling into a bad life she never expected.

The way that the ensemble performed the two songs really uplifted the mood of the show in a gospel-celebration-sort-of-way. The concert continued the religious experience for the second half, and the choir came out on stage and joined the chamber chorale to perform Franz Schubert’s “Mass in G, DV 167,” which was composed of six movements and three soloists who were weaved in and out of the movements. The highlight of the movements came during the fourth, when all three soloists joined in individually in “Benedictus.”

After soprano Selene Fernandez dazzled the audience with her vocal conviction, up next was tenor Eddie Gutierrez, who followed up like a warm sunny day, while baritone Eugene Lopez rounded out the frequency to the likes of a graceful bassoon.

The three solos culminated to a high climax of three soloists singing together with the whole ensemble.

For more information on upcoming concerts, contact the music department in the S2 building.

ANGELIC—Soprano vocalist Bianca Galicia sings “Summertime”
by George Gershwin accompanied by Dr. Melissa
Sky-Eagle on Monday at the S2 Recital Hall. C/N JORDAN ELIAS
IN SYNC—Dr.Anthony J. Lupica conducts the East Los Angeles College Choir accompanied
by Dr. Melissa Sky-Eagle on Monday at the S2 Recital Hall. C/N JORDAN ELIAS

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